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New Products and Machu Picchu

Hola! All you Beautiful People: Summertime is here and there are many new and wonderful adventures and products I wish to share with you. The very first thing is a trip to Peru for ten days June 18-29, 2015. Peru is a trip I’ve wanted to take for at least 15 years, but the time was never right. Fortunately the time is right. Yes, Martin and I are going and I’m speaking at Lake Titicaca to about an ascended master retreat is above the lake. My reason for giving you a heads up now is so you can reserve your

Give Your Skin Extra Attention During Dry Winter Months!

Give Your Skin Extra Attention During Dry Winter Months! Easy Natural Steps to Nurture Skin. As the cooler temperatures return our skin naturally seems drier. Sometimes no matter what we put on our skin within minutes, it’s dry again. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and it is referred to our third kidney. So if our skin is not staying hydrated, taking a look at ways to remedy this plus following through will help us feel better and look younger no matter what the season or climate is. What are 4 Tips Healthy Skin? 1. Better Hydration