Give Your Skin Extra Attention During Dry Winter Months!

Give Your Skin Extra Attention During Dry Winter Months!

Easy Natural Steps to Nurture Skin.

As the cooler temperatures return our skin naturally seems drier. Sometimes no matter what we put on our skin within minutes, it’s dry again. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, and it is referred to our third kidney. So if our skin is not staying hydrated, taking a look at ways to remedy this plus following through will help us feel better and look younger no matter what the season or climate is.

What are 4 Tips Healthy Skin?

1. Better Hydration

2. Dry Brush Massage

3. Salt scrubs and baths

4. Natural and Organic Skincare Products

When I ask how much they drink, they almost always say “Not Enough.” I smile and ask them to define “Not Enough.” So how do we define enough?

The standard way that you can determine if you’ve had enough water is to take your body weight and divide it in half.That total is amount of ounces we need each day. I weigh 124 lbs., divided by 2 = 62 ounces, which is just 2 ounces under 2 quarts.

Coffee, alcohol or sodas do not qualify for daily liquid intake. Water (preferably filtered), Coconut water and non-caffeinated teas can all be added into the 62-ounce equation.

Are there times when are body needs more than that? Yes! During hot summer days, working outside, and working out,hiking in the mountains. A friend of mine that lives in Colorado who does a lot of hiking shared with me that when preparing for hikes at higher elevations drinking a gallon a day for a few days prior to the hike is vital.

What else helps with hydration? Eating water rich foods like salads, fresh fruits, and raw juices. Even though some foods that people eat may have gravy and sauces and taste moist, it doesn’t hydrate like raw foods do.

Second on my list is dry brush massage.I love dry brush massage. Why? It helps our bodies in numerous ways; here is three of my favorite:

1. Getting rid of dead skin cells, soap buildup and skin tags;

2. Increases circulation in our lymphatic and circulatory systems thus strengthening our immune system; and

3. Stimulates the hormones for better balance.

How do you start? Buy a good natural bristle vegetable brush; best place to buy one is on eBay. Just search for “dry brush massage brushes.”

Dry brush is always done BEFORE you get in the shower. Start at your feet and brush up to your torso, then move to your hands brushing up your arms moving towards the sternum, and be sure to brush your back, and entire torso, next take your shower.

This third one is so easy to do! Saltbaths and scrubs help to detox our bodies and our auric field. Epsom salt is not the same as taking a salt bath; you can add Epsom salt in addition too, but not in place of.

What best works is salt that is free from anti-caking agents and that has not been iodized. You can find a 3-lb. box of kosher salt at most grocery stores for about $3 or you can go to and buy dead sea salts for less than you’ll find in the grocery store, just look under the wholesale button.

For the bath add 2 lbs. of salt and a few drops of lavender oil, soak for 20-minutes only, after the tub is drained,just do a quick rinse in the shower. The salt bath will soften your skin plus help you sleep better. Just one brief warning, if you are in kidney failure to not take the salt bath. You can do the salt scrub in the shower safely.

We don’t always have the time to take a bath daily, so opting for a shower is the quicker choice. FYI: After the dry brush massage, you can use the salt scrub in the shower.

Making the scrub is super easy. Take one cup of finely ground salt, add 1/3 to 1/2 cup of oil like grapeseed, jojoba or apricot kernel and a few drops of lavender, frankincense and or any other essential oils to add to your personal body scrub. Store it in a plastic container with a good seal and keep it in the shower.

Last, but not least are natural skincare oils and creams to lovingly massage into your skin daily. Fortunately there are so many good products available to choose from, but if you want to make your own that’s fun too. I’ve made my own for years!

With all this extra attention our skin will return to a rosy, healthy, and youthful glow!

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Peace, Love, and Health! May we be Abundantly Blessed,


Beth Carpenter, ND