Think Happy, Blue Dolphin

Think happy…how??? laugh attack…
In life we all desire to know that we are loved, appreciated and safe. The interesting part of this equation is we must provide that loving, appreciating safe place for ourselves, even if think we don’t have the power. Life is a mixed bag of adventures; we get to decide what rides to get on, how to ride them, as well as what we’ll learn from each turn along the path.

Mostly when we are young, our decisions are reactionary. Somewhere down the road (hopefully sooner than later) we come to a realization that what we’ve been doing isn’t comfortable. Yeah, because this is the beautiful red flag that says change is happening, so let’s make it easy.

There is a grace and maturity that gently blankets us with an internal peace and warmth through our participation to live by conscious, clear communication with others and ourselves in life. Life is a world of choice, not through force (persistence is not to be confused with force), but through a fluidity of positive, door-opening synchronicity.

A couple of years ago I remembered listening to a speaker say, “It’s not about being in the right place at the right time, but being the right person at the right place and time so that we recognize the opportunity/gift before us.” Big, YES here. Please re-read this, so it is clearly understood.

Doors are always open, but are we ready. Life is moving at lightening speed. If we live in reaction, we live in chaos and the speed of life can be frightening. If we live thoughtfully with kindness and grace, then chaos disappears and synchronicity rules. It is my prayer for each of us to understand, live, love and be all that already exists inside of us at our highest self.

The path requires us to stay focused, disciplined and dedicated to us. I call it a divine selfishness because this selfishness gives us more energy, clarity, knowledge, capacity, understanding and gratitude. This amazing power makes a difference in the lives that we touch. This provides freedom and change. GOOD, HAPPY and KIND rubs off on others too, so use it. This is an adaptable, reusable, green fuel source. The cost: FREE.

What happens when someone begins having a laugh attack? That’s right, others start laughing too, even if they didn’t want too. THINK GOOD, HAPPY and KIND. If you’re not sure how, call. I’m here to teach.

Peace, Love and Blessings,


Flower Essence: Blue Dolphin by Columbia River Gorge Flower Essences.
This blend is really a children’s formula, and it works wonders with adults too. The blend is specifically for Empathy/Play, and combines the flower essences with the essence gemstones, sound, color and the energy of dolphins at play. Healing the child helps the adult be more adaptable, happy, kind and playful.

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