Abundance, Blackberry

If abundance is our divine birth right, then…
As you all know, I truly love helping people to become all they can be. This, of course, is by way of a healthier body, a more peaceful mind, an open heart and releasing the financial lacking blocks (this includes the release of karma). By living at a higher vibration, the connection, within yourself, to GOD – Great Spirit is more directly accessed by YOU.

I do believe it is in every one of us to be abundant in each of these areas. And I believe this is our natural state of being.

To accomplish this, it requires a commitment on your part to show up for your life. Not just once in a while, but moment to moment and that means daily, monthly, etc.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you decide to sign up with your local gym with the intention of flattening and toning the abdominal muscles. If after signing up, you never go back after the initial visit: Will you have ripped abs just like in the ads? No!

What does it take to achieve abs of the stars? Yes, I think you’ve got it! Yes, yes, yes a daily workout regiment. And after you’ve accomplished such a feat, how do you feel about yourself? That’s right, great!

Well, that’s the same in other areas of life too. A regular weekly and/or monthly coach can make the difference between life being “la-de-da” and extra special (unencumbered link).

Right now our world is changing very quickly and to stay on top of what’s going on in the ethereal and 3-D world, I’m encouraging all those I’ve worked with over many, many years to begin (at the very least) monthly sessions. The grids are changing, and I wish to prepare you for these changes.

Through this action we can be part of a mass group consciousness shift. So sit with it for a day or two. Then I hope you’ll give me a call to set your monthly-appointed time.

Peace, Love and Blessings,


Flower Essence: Blackberry
Blackberry fills us with exuberant manifestation into our world. It allows us to clearly direct action and will. The patterns that are removed are the inability to translate goals, dreams and ideas into concrete and viable action. The company that carries the blackberry flower essence is North American Flower Essences.

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