Living More, Star of Bethlehem

Losing a loved one and how to cope.

Living More, Being More, Loving More
These past four months have been wonderful and painful. My entire life has been filled with the love and comfort from my grandparents and specifically my grandfather, “Pap.” He was known as Ralph to the world outside, but to me Pap. He was my grandfather, my father and my best friend.

As spring approached he was beginning to show more signs of fatigue, and we weren’t sure if he’d make it to his 91st birthday. About half way through May, we know that he’d be with us for his birthday on June 11th.

The day of his birthday was bittersweet because we all knew that this would be the last celebration that we would share together. I took special effort to make a delicious meal.

Even though his pain was severe he wished to remain in the banquet room while the family was gathered. He too knew that this would be his last time with us. After his birthday party, which we also celebrated he and grandmother’s 69th Anniversary (74 years together), and two weeks later on June 25th Pap made his transition.

As we celebrated his life, we revisited the numerous memories that he left us of living, being and loving life, God and his family. Wherever he went, he changed communities and lives for better.

His life gave me a chance to look at my life and all the areas that I wish to improve plus what I desire to be a part of or not. For me I made a choice to let go of any lingering hurts because I know that they do not serve the higher good. And with that clearing I also decided to joyously go after all of my dreams.

This journey of life is a wondrous adventure, so we might as well stay focused on the plans that make the most difference for the good. Don’t be anti anything, but pro something.

I encourage each of you to re-evaluate your life, and if you’re not enjoying life, think of ways to live, be and love more. We all have the power to choose in each breath and thought to change and improve.

Peace, Love and Blessings,


Flower Essence: Star of Bethlehem
Star of Bethlehem is one of the remedies in Rescue Remedy through the Bach Flower Essences. It is used with in circumstances of shock, such as unexpected bad news or an unexpected and unwelcome event. And it can be used just as well for the effects of a shock received many years ago, even very early in childhood.

This is also the remedy for the sense of emptiness and loss that sometimes occurs when a loved one dies or moves away, since this too can be a great shock to the system. Star of Bethlehem is the comforting remedy to give in such circumstances.

Movie Review: “The Secret”
The Secret is a film out of Australia that is along the same lines of “What the Bleep Do We Know.”

It is about the Law of Attraction and through this law how to change every area of your life for the better. If you’ll follow the principles taught, you’ll life will be considerably better.

Once a week I watch the movie. And a handful of my clients how already taken the time to purchase it and watch it multiple times too. Because of their commitment to just watching the movie, their lives are changing rapidly.

One client who has been unable to find a job for months has received offers from two companies on the same day.

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