Changes, You Tube: Brain Balance

Clear thinking and peace with brain balancing…

Dearest Friends:

Changes, YouTube, Brain Balance

Thanks to Martin Wennerstrom from Video 1 Unit and the willing volunteer, Joan Lawson, I now have a video on YouTube of a brain balance being performed. The video will be available for viewing on my website within 30 days. To view it now, just click on the link or copy and paste it in your browser.

My website is going through a facelift with a new web person. So be sure to check in with my website during the next 30 days to see what’s new (the changes will be visible soon). There will be a blog page so you can ask a question or add a comment. It is my wish that everything will be complete by the end of October.

I’m also working with other partners to bring you wonderful new products from dehydrators to bamboo sheets.

Depression and Fatigue
How Does It Get Better Than This?

What I’m hearing so much of, is that most people have no energy and feel depressed like life will never improve. It just seems busy going nowhere other than deeper in debt. Depression is similar to a fungus, once it’s under the nail; it’s a bugger to get out. And to get funk out of one’s path, you must be committed to putting one step in front of another while remembering to breathe. Why would I take a step anywhere? If you stand still, you will sink deeper into the muck and mire.

At first, it may seem like a drudgery but in time, it gets easier and easier to move throughout the day. Even when feeling despair our angels are supporting us through the invisible veil of dimensional space. How effective they are in helping, depends on us. One of the things that I do is ask, “How does it get better than this?” This simple question puts our angels on notice that we are asking for an improvement. Of course, our angels are okay if we need a power nap too.

Yes, our economy has hit a glitch, but we don’t have to add this weight to our emotional state. Adding emotional distress is adding to the problem, not the solution. Believe it or not, people can live quite joyously and abundantly, even in times of strife.

A simple correction can be all we need to turn our life from conflict to an abundance of blessings. Weekly and/or monthly coaching helps a lot. Just as you come to me for guidance and coaching, I get coaching too. Why, because it is helpful to have a professional to keep my focus on today and the path ahead. It’s cheaper in the long run.

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