Our Bodies are Sacred

Our Bodies are Sacred; it is a Holy Temple on Wheels

I found myself motivated to talk about this after the words came out of my mouth during a session with a client. What she wanted to know is if life would become so perfect that there would never be a blimp of any kind again. In other words, no chaos.

Recognizing that our bodies are holy temples is essential. And, Yes, our physical body houses the divine, but I didn’t even grasp the full splendor of this until a few days ago. Our holy temple is on wheels too. And if our holy temple is on wheels, then so is everyone else’s. So do events end? NO! How we grow and handle them or not will determine how magnificent we flow and roll through life.

Most people pay zero attention to how they treat their body, and they even less attention to all the vomit they continue to regurgitate in the mind. Why? There are too many factors to discuss in one little note. And does it really matter? NO! Going into the why keeps the regurgitation process in motion. This body is the housing unit for the soul and our mind can add to more beauty within the unit or not. Stop and really think about what I just said. Our bodies are the housing unit that Divine Source gave us to move around in. And to my amazement this sacred vehicle can withstand unfathomable abuses.

When I was younger, I, too,disregarded my body and mind other than we’re here, there’s a God, I’m not sure that he likes me, and someday we’ll leave our bodies. Life was confusing to me because of how badly people treated each other. We all seemed to be walking around in fractured pieces not really believing that what I do matters.

Fortunately as the years passed I began to see “the bigger picture of “the me unit,” a.k.a. earthsuit as a holy temple. And if I wished for people around me to see me and treat me better, then I had to treat “the me” as sacred too.

So back to my client, she was hoping to reach that special nirvana because she just knew that when she reached it, then life would be okay and in the flow because she’d always make the right decision and think the right thought. “HA!” this is a moment to moment decision, I told her. “Remember that you are out in this world learning and growing with your holy temple. Sometimes we are walking through life and other times running, and there are other holy temples moving around too. And guess what? Sometimes holy temples bump into one another.

Isn’t it interesting how upset we can get when another holy temple doesn’t treat us how we want them too? And in that interest, let’s use those moments as wake ups to treat our temple with kindness for starters. Can life flow with ease? Yes! But we have to stop beating ourselves up becausewe don’t like where we are. Start where you are, the journey will be easier than you think. And please don’t worry about what color another paints their holy temple.

Thinking and figuring life’s puzzles out can be fun, and I’ve gotten better at knowing when certain puzzles are best left alone because its not really about me. Each day I offer source my highest and best to all people and things now, and all people and things give their highest and best to me now. Realizing that giving my highest and best to me now too was important in honoring the holy temple a.k.a. earthsuit, life began to flow better and more beautifully.

I pray this memorial weekend you find time to honor your holy temple to get some extra rest, play in the sun and share time with friends and loved ones.

Much Love and Blessings,

Beth Carpenter




A friend of mine makes these beautiful pendants out of diachronic glass that is also programmed with thousands of protective and healing frequencies. Minerals are fused into the glass at 1600 degrees so that the encodings last forever.

Each pendant is a one-of-a-kind. Wearing it and/or keeping it close to you will protect you from harmful EMF’s, like cell phones, computers, hair dryers, etc. In addition, you may find that you have better balance and vitality along not being so easily afflicted by another’s negative thoughts and energy thus reducing stress.

I’m not sure how to explain how much more centered I feel, but it is there the feeling of being present now. I got one for my husband since he’s an engineer and works a lot with computers and other electronic equipment. He has noticed how he doesn’t get drained from the computer’s, cell phone use, etc.

Because of our experiences I’m carrying them in my office, so please call and stop by and pick one out. No two are alike.

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