Everything to Minimize Colds and Allergies

Everything you can think to Minimize Colds and Allergies

I had planned on writing about prostate health, and I promise to get that out in the next couple of weeks. The reason I switched is because every few months it’s allergy season once again in Austin and the Texas hill country. Three people called concerned this week that they were getting sick with a cold, one thought she should have a chest x-ray. I decided that it was important to go over some of the differences for colds and allergies, and what we can do NATURALLY.

Colds and allergies can both have us feeling puny with congestion and coughing. Here are some of the differences:

Colds are contagious where allergies aren’t;

Yellow-green mucus means a cold;

Clear mucus is allergies;

Aches are cold and flu related.

Standard treatment is antihistamines, decongestants, nasal steroids, allergy shots, cough medicine, antibiotics, advil, aleve, extra rest and drinking lots of fluids.

Well I agree with extra rest and drinking plenty of fluids. Although when it comes to liquids my choice is clean, filtered water, lemon water with honey, ginger tea and mint tea for starters.

Drinking some blood purifying tea is helpful too, like flora essence essiac or Jason Winters Tea. These two teas are often used by those suffering from cancer because it keeps the blood flow cleaner within the circulatory system.

A staple in my medicine cabinet is peppermint oil. I’ll put a drop in my water and put a drop on my tongue 3 plus times a day. You can also use a diffuser/nebulizer in the bedroom at night. Peppermint oil is excellent in opening up the head, nasal passages, and throat.

On the homeopathic side I use Cold-Calm which works well for either cold or allergies. Just 2 tablets every 45 minutes until symptoms subside. Or use TEXAS Allergy Relief, which is 1-2 sprays in the mouth up to 4 times a day for 3-4 days.

Nettles tincture is a herbal remedy. Put 30-50 drops in a small amount of water, drink down and continue every 45 minutes until symptoms subside. In my April newsletter 2010 newsletter I talk about the peppermint oil and onion tea.

My recipe is really simple: Cut one large onion up and put into a pan with filtered water and bring it almost to a boil, turn it down, cover it and simmer it for 30 minutes. Next strain the onion out and drink only the onion broth. You can add a pinch of good salt and some cayenne pepper if you like; this will add some additional minerals and dilate your blood vessels so toxins can move out more easily. It also warms the body because of the increased circulation, adds some vitamin C and assists in decreasing mucous.

Whether I’m dealing with a cold or allergies my choice is to get my circulation moving, so I will take a brisk walk or jump on my cellerciser for 30 plus minutes. Go to this page on my site for more information on the cellerciser: www.healthyhelp4u.com/products_equipment.asp.

And I’ll use my far infrared sauna for a good sweat. If you don’t have a sauna or cellerciser, no worries, just take a brisk walk and/or take a hot soothing bath.

If you want to know where toget a good sauna you can go to the same page: www.healthyhelp4u.com/products_equipment.asp and click on far infrared therapies.

Lastly I’m asked if I would do just one thing or everything. Well, I do all of it to clear any condition as soon as possible. My standard is peppermint oil, nettles, walks/cellerciser, sauna, onion tea and rest.

One final note, my sister-in-law gives her family a product that is to correct the immune system, and she swears by it. I actually spoke with the doctor that developed this product, and for 90% of the people, this is a good and mostly natural product. But if you’re allergic to eggs, do not take it. To take a look at it go to Julie’s website: www.legacyforlife.com/zumbajulieor email her at voorheesfamily@mac.com.

Julie and her kids like the chewable tablets the best.

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