Miracle Working Presence!

Miracle Working Presence! A Gift from the Holy Spirit.

To All You Beautiful Beings of Light: Are you ready for turning your light fully on?

Where do I begin? Spirit moves in so many wondrous ways, and fortunately I was blessed to learn of Peter Manns who is a very special healer. He lives in Germany. Fortunately, Martin and me got to see him just a few days before he returned home.

What he does is called Divine Alignment & Straightening. To explain what this is seems impossible because there are no words that really define what it is. Peter does not even touch you and the skeletal system unwinds and aligns, AND there is a lot more than that happening.

Earlier in the morning just a couple of days ago I had spoken with a friend, and she had shared about the healing that she and her husband had as well as sharing what she had witnessed. With that plus spending some time on the web reading, and listening to a radio interview I knew that I desired for Martin and me to see Peter before he returned to Germany.

Peter Manns & Divine Alignment Straightening


The window was very small, and it happened to work out perfectly with our schedules. After Peter’s talk those of us receiving a DAS had our spines checked and measured to the curvature, check leg length both sitting and laying down, photos taken, and there is a witness that signs the form too.

If you are a couple, Peter will have you lay down on massage tables next to one another and hold hands. Next without touching us and in probably less than 2 minutes I began to feel my spine moving mainly in the torso region. Martin felt movement too within his body and legs, and we both continued to feel changes for hours afterwards.

To read the story in it’s entirety and see my photos, please click onto this link on my site: http://www.healthyhelp4u.com/links_DAS.asp

2013 is a year for massive awakening and upgrades within each of us personally. And this means this is true for our friends and family and, yes, even our spouses will wake up too. What does it mean to wake up? Wow! This is a bigger question than it may appear to be. You may think you know, and believe that you are, and the awakening light is a lot brighter than you can possible imagine. I’ll leave my answer here, so hopefully and joyfully you will chose to be more.

It is imperative that you call me and/or email me asap. Because I need a head count of 60+ people before Peter can commit to flying back to the states by December 5th. The details are on the page link on my site listed above.

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