holy spirit

Three Light Rays

Three Light Rays By Beth Carpenter, Naturopathic Doctor: The emotional environment today is divided. It’s been talked about from almost every family member, friend and news source. Can we do something different? Yes, and we must come from a different place of awareness.   A rainbow is made up of many colors. Individually the colors can be pretty, but combined the colors are magnificent. There are color rays on the etheric realm too. These rays of light tie into aspects of truth, yes, and within the rays of truth are multiple layers of truth.   This is really a large

Miracle Working Presence!

Miracle Working Presence! A Gift from the Holy Spirit. To All You Beautiful Beings of Light: Are you ready for turning your light fully on? Where do I begin? Spirit moves in so many wondrous ways, and fortunately I was blessed to learn of Peter Manns who is a very special healer. He lives in Germany. Fortunately, Martin and me got to see him just a few days before he returned home. What he does is called Divine Alignment & Straightening. To explain what this is seems impossible because there are no words that really define what it is. Peter