A Joyful Heart is Good Medicine

Hola, All you Beautiful, Beings of Light:

The holiday season is fully upon us with Thanksgiving just two days away.  Over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas I will be sending different newsletters further supporting a Joyful Heart, and offering some different and beautiful gift ideas.

Let’s start by taking a look at Proverbs 17:22 because it speaks to my very soul of what I teach. There are varies versions, and one version states, “A Joyful Heart is Good Medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones;”

The Standard Revised Version reads, “A Cheerful Heart is Good Medicine, but a downcast spirit dries up the bones;”

In the Jerusalem Bible, “A Glad Heart is Excellent Medicine, a spirit depressed wastes the bones away;” and

The Lamsa Bible (direct from Aramaic Translation): “A Merry Heart makes the body healthy; but a broken spirit dries up the bones.”

My newsletters speak on health and spirit and this verse is perfect for the season. No matter what may ail you, and no matter what you may change in diet or supplements if you remain sad, depressed, anxious, angry, etc., then you are truly further damaging your body.

Think about it, in every version if the heart is anything less than, JOYFUL, CHEERFUL, GLAD, or MERRY the body breaks down.  It has been proven that a person suffering from sadness and depression will burn through more nutrition and vitamins than a happier person. And science now can prove that if you suffer guilt and shame you are increasing the production IP-6 cells, which are cancer-producing cells. (Check out Dr. Christine Northup latest research on this.)

Taking a closer look, if the bones dry up, there is evidence that minerals are depleted, the red blood cell is weak and compromised, plus the lymphatic fluid will be unhealthy too. To name a few, that’s a pretty big list. Have you heard from a friend or family member that an older person broke their hip while standing then fell down. This happens all the time. It wasn’t just because they are old, what was there attitude towards life?

During the Holidays being Joyful or Merry is the main theme. What I’d like for you do is STOP whatever you’re doing, and take 7 deep breaths in and out very slowly. Do You Feel More Peaceful? If your answer is yes, good, and if your answer is no, please take 7 more deep breaths in and out slowly.

The next thing I’d like for you to do is to listen to the words spoken by you and others. If you hear things like: “Life is hard”, “I hate ______”, “That is so sad”, “If you would only do ________, I could be happy”, “Yuck, I look fat”, etc., then the environment has been created to break the spirit and dry up the bones.

Let’s look at how we can begin to change an old habit. Why? Because if I tell you to just be happy, many say, “I don’t know how,” or “it’s too hard.” Apply this simple exercise below.

Start by writing down the statement, Life is Hard. Next, ASK, How can I upgrade this statement? Life is Easy; Life is Easy when I am One with God; Life is a training ground, and I am learning patience, love or __________; I give myself permission to live my life aligned with God; or I have experienced times in life as easy.

Now explore this sentence on your own, I hate __________;

Let’s look at how to upgrade, That’s so sad. I can see you are feeling sad or (if it’s you) I am experiencing sadness and I know it’s my human self that is feeling the sadness. And I lovingly support myself while I grieve.

If you’d only do __________, I could be happy.  It is my choice to be happy, and I give myself permission to say, yes, to experiencing happy more and more frequently.

Explore this sentence on your own, Yuck, I look fat.

Emotions can spread like a wild fire, so consciously give oneself permission in choosing a Joyful state. No better time than this week with Thanksgiving, a day of gratitude. Take a few minutes before your meal to speak out-loud 10 Gratitudes with your friends and family. Sharing with each other all that you are grateful for is healing.

I am sending lots of good wishes to you this Thanksgiving! I am in a huge learning curve with iContact and cannot at this moment get some of images on here  that I had wish to send. A handful of them are in on my Pinterest Board on Vegan Thanksgiving: https://www.pinterest.com/healthyhelp4u/healthy-happy-thanksgiving/

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Peace, Love and Blessings,

Beth Carpenter

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