Kava Shooters for the Holidays!

Kava Shooters for the Holidays!

Chilling with Family & Friends.

To All You Beautiful People!

Kava Kava is a great way to reduce stress, anxiety, and restlessness. It allows everyone to have wonderful conversations, so any social anxiety will usually disappear. There are different types of kava. Kava from Fiji is stronger than kava from Maui.

We have 2 locations here in Austin:

Square Rut is a Kava Bar and we have 2 locations:

6000 S Congress Ave #106, Austin, TX 78745 – (512) 382-9293

Happy hour Monday evenings.

Second location is off Lamar and 51st and happy hour is Wednesday evenings.


Carries a kava paste, elixirs, and instant easy strain kava. This is where I order my kava.

My recipe for Kava Shooters:

Lime or Lemon Juice

Pear and/or Pear Fruit Spread

1 Banana

Agave Nectar

Blend in blender then pour 1-2 ozs. into shot glasses; squeeze a small amount of agave nectar into the shot glass and drink down.

If using paste, add 1/8 tsp. per shot. If using instant kava, add 1 tsp. if it’s Fiji kava or one tablespoon of Hawaii kava.

The kava shoots today are pumpkin spice blend (So pumpkin spice, agave nectar,cinnamon and nutmeg.) and a lemon drop blend (so vanilla creamer, Nutiva pureed coconut with 2 soaked dates, water, 1 TBLS of honey and 1 TBLS of agave nectar,vanilla, juice of one lemon and natural lemon extract.

Here’s the 2nd part of the lecture on kava:

You can also add it to non-alcohlic eggnog. I use SO brand of eggnog because it’s made from coconut milk. What I do is pour the amount of eggnog into a blender, add extra nutmeg, agave nectar to taste, and 1 tablespoon for drink. Enjoy!

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Please have a safe and love-filled holiday in whatever way that you and your family celebrates!
Peace, Love and Beautiful Blessings,

Beth Carpenter

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