Benefits of Bergamot EO

Did you know that Bergamot essential oil has over 10 amazing benefits?
Bergamot is from Italy and is a citrus plus it aids in the prevention of infections including treating malaria in Italy, relieving depression, reducing pain, accelerating healing, aiding digestion, helpful in eliminating infections in the colon, intestines, kidneys and urinary tract, BUT did you know that it disinfects the skin and improves overall skin health. One or two drops can be added to a mouth wash to clear up gingivitis, and it is that special ingredient in Earl Grey tea.
Since pain heightens our anxiety and often reduces our ability to sleep deeply, we must look at natural means to reduce pain. Through research at the University of Calabria, using Bergamot stimulates secretion of certain hormones that lessen sensitivity of nerves to pain, so adding bergamot to your bath, soaps, etc. will benefit the body. Try rubbing a drop on the temples to ease headaches.
Essential oils are magic because they have an intelligence to know where best to aid us in health and healing.
My formula, “Love Me Through” has been upgraded with Bergamot and Abyssinian oils and is more yummy and creamier than ever!
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