deep sleep

Sleep is Vital to Good Health

Sleep is Vital to Good Health Plus Tony the Reflexologist June 7th – April 2014 SLEEP and Consistent Regular SLEEP is Vital for Good Health Sleep is interesting, and some people say, we can sleep when were dead. I honestly know I’ve said that at least once in my life. The truth is many people struggle to get any rest at all. And if they do sleep, they wake feeling exhausted and/or irritated. Then there are those that will sleep all the time. In both scenario, there is both an emotional component and a chemical or nutritional imbalance going on.

Red, White & Blue Light Rays

Red, White & Blue Light Rays, All Seeing Eye of God and the US Dollar Bill Tomorrow is July 4th – the day the declaration of independence was signed. Our forefathers announced quite loudly that we be freed from tyrannical rule of Great Britain. Those that came before us desired that we have the ability to make our own choices on everything from religion to taxes. Our flag colors were chosen as red, white and blue. Red is the energy within our root chakra. And our root chakra is about intensity because it is about survival and our physical body.