Sleep is Vital to Good Health

Sleep is Vital to Good Health
Plus Tony the Reflexologist June 7th – April 2014

SLEEP and Consistent Regular SLEEP is Vital for Good Health

Sleep is interesting, and some people say, we can sleep when were dead. I honestly know I’ve said that at least once in my life. The truth is many people struggle to get any rest at all. And if they do sleep, they wake feeling exhausted and/or irritated. Then there are those that will sleep all the time. In both scenario, there is both an emotional component and a chemical or nutritional imbalance going on.

This is why many people choose to get a sleeping pill prescription to aide them in their sleep challenges. Throughout most of my life I struggled to get a good night’s sleep. I refused to take any kind of prescribed sleeping pill, but throughout the years my cabinets have been filled with “Sleeping Time Tea,” and many Chamomile blends of teas plus melatonin, Deep Sleep, Sleep Through, CALM (a magnesium citrate).

Deep Sleep is my favorite with a cup of Sleeping Time tea through Celestral Seasonings. My favorite flavor is the kids Grape with natural stevia leaf in it. And with all this I would toss and turn until I’d fall asleep, but if I had to get up in the night, I could find myself tossing and turning again with little or no chance of falling back to sleep.

In February my husband and I took a much needed vacation by way of a cruise to the Bahamas. Of course, they are always pushing sales at different places because of duty and tax free. I decided to listen to one of the shopping highlight talks. During the talk a sleep band was mentioned that worked through natural frequency technology. I found the talk fascinating, and when we docked at the next port, I set out to learn more.

My husband bought the band for himself and said he’d share or just give to me if it didn’t work for him. Cool! Let’s try it, and we could decide to get another one later. That night he fell right to sleep, and his usual snoring was practically none existent. After a couple of nights, he said he didn’t know if it was doing anything or not, but it was. He was sleeping better, snoring hardly at all, and waking in a happier mood. YEA!

I asked to use the band, and he’d said NO, but the next night I got it for one night. Yea! I sleep like a baby. I didn’t get up once in the night. The next morning I awoke easily and felt refreshed. Since we’ve returned I snagged the sleep band just twice more, each time I slept very well.

Instead of begging to use his, I purchased one for myself a couple weeks ago. Boy oh boy, I am glad I did. I am getting a good night’s sleep, night after night. Hallelujah!

Who makes it? Philip Stein. And JR Dunn Jewelers in Florida will ship it Fedex for F R E E! What does it cost? $395, and it’s the best $395 I’ve ever spent. Do I still drink my sleepy time tea? Yes, because it tastes yummy! The warmth of tea before bed is comfort food for me.

Peace, Love and Beautiful Blessings,

Beth Carpenter

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