Three Light Rays

Three Light Rays By Beth Carpenter, Naturopathic Doctor:

The emotional environment today is divided. It’s been talked about from almost every family member, friend and news source. Can we do something different? Yes, and we must come from a different place of awareness.


A rainbow is made up of many colors. Individually the colors can be pretty, but combined the colors are magnificent. There are color rays on the etheric realm too. These rays of light tie into aspects of truth, yes, and within the rays of truth are multiple layers of truth.


This is really a large subject to tie into an article, so let’s take a look at just three rays. These first three rays are super important.


Ray 1: WILL (Blue)

Ray 2: WISDOM (Yellow)

Ray 3: LOVE (Pink)


These three rays make up the three-fold flame, which ties into the Holy Spirit. These rays are necessary to increase awareness to proceed forward with a truer reality and to assist with manifestation of a greater being within each of us.


The Higher WILL is God’s will in action. Not Martha’s will or Joe’s will down the street. Learning to separate our ego and need to control is important. When we can do this there is naturally a shield of protection around us because of increased faith.


Daily there are multiple moments where we can ask ourselves if we are acting from personal desire – meaning are we just trying to manipulate a situation just because it will make us feel comfortable? An immediate indicator is if we refuse to listen, then we are interfering with flow of manifestation.

In asking for help from the Divine, we must first make a decision and have faith to do, AND Loving-Kindness must coexist within the decision.


WISDOM assists us in developing a consciousness. Will without Wisdom is deadly. Think back through history, whether personal or worldly, of a person’s will (ego) was carried out no matter the coincidences.


This may be one the hardest to obtain because it takes time to cultivate. Do you have the ability to hear the voice of silence and have reverence? If so, you are gaining spiritual intelligence.


Wisdom path of manifestation teach us humility because we learn to put aside personal ego for a truer and more blessed calling, which illumines our heart to God’s truth.


Now the LOVE ray blesses us with grace and the ability to forgive. Love fills us with gratitude. Love is a blessing and because it embraces gratitude, we are doubly blessed. Love ray will bring into manifestation. Lack of gratitude prevents doors of opportunity from opening.


The power of love makes manifest – bring into physical form because it magnetizes the flow of good. If we have will and wisdom, but not love, our life and world will be crazy. Oops, did I say something that is already happening?


Breathe, listen and choose LOVE because it stills the hardest of hearts even if that heart is our own. The beauty of Love, Will and Wisdom can literally can the cells of our bodies to perfection.


Beth Carpenter is a naturopathic doctor offering natural wellness services and life coaching at her practice, Healthy Help 4 U, in Austin. For more information, call 512-707-9886 or visit