Letting Go & Letting God Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant

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Letting Go and Letting God
Glutathione, The Master Antioxidant

May I be filled with loving kindness;
May I be well;
May I be peaceful and at ease;
May I be happy.
– Buddha

Dearest Friends:

My last newsletter was towards the end November. Christmas, New Years, and the inauguration of our new president, President Obama have come and gone. I felt the need to wait until after the swearing in of our new president. This really is a time of change. Learning to become more comfortable taking responsibility for how we wish for life to be, look, and feel is top of the list. Yet it is to be done gently with better communication outwardly and on the inside too. The more we talk to our angels, listen to our intuition and act with integrity in all matters, the more abundantly we flourish.

It is a letting go and letting God, the God within. It’s only through clearing the internal glop that increases our ability to hear and know the Divine. What exists inside of us also surrounds us, so let’s make sure that what we connect to is Divine.

Take time to breath, and with each breath imagine a gold, white light is filling you and surrounding you.

If you are not sure how to expand your internal intuition, call me and I will teach you.

Peace, Love and Blessings,


Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant and Anti-Aging

The discovery of glutathione was in 1888, it is know as the greatest antioxidant in the world. Yes, better than all the superfood fruit drinks. Medicine knew that higher glutathione levels was necessary to keep a body healthy and younger, but even with this knowledge they didn’t know what to do about it. Today doctors will inject people with glutathione for many emergency situations including overdoses to protect their liver from damage. Suzanne Summers spends $900 a month in glutathione injections to keep her body healthy and young.

Not many of us can afford this expense, but we wish for our body to function better and resist disease. Some companies make oral glutathione, but our stomach acids destroy the glutathione. Milk thistle encourages the body to improve glutathione levels just by a little bit.

Dr. Robert H. Keller, a triple board certified physician, developed a “natural” glutathione accelerator. What it does is encourages your body to make it’s own glutathione. And the best part is the proof can be seen in a blood test taken within 30 minutes of taking the supplement.

How cool is it when every living cell in the body can be optimized and hormones can remember what they are suppose to do. Glutathione defends, energizes, purifies and protects the body. Here’s a great story on how this glutathione accelerator changed a friend’s life: I was visiting with a friend of mine in Nevada whose wife had been wheelchair bound, and after a few short weeks was able to walk and function. They actually went to a movie and dinner something they had not done in six months.

The dawning of a new day in health and vitality is here with this awesome discovery of the glutathione accelerator. Even the 159th AMA president, Dr. John Nelson says, “This product, in my opinion, represents the single most important breakthrough in health that I will witness in my lifetime. I believe it will revolutionize, change and transform the practice of medicine worldwide.”

A friend of mine who has aligned himself with the company’s owners will be in town giving at talk at my home on Monday, February 16th at 7:00 p.m. Please join us for this talk. I do need a head count, so r.s.v.p. asap. My number is 512-707-9886. If you can’t make it live, call me so we can set up time by phone.

My your body be filled with anti-aging glutathione,

Beth Carpenter

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