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Dear Friends:

I’m definitely someone that believes staying informed is valuable, but terrorizing people with “swine flu” is insane. We have amazing bodies, and our bodies have suffered incredible challenges, and it keeps going in spite of what we do or don’t do.

Would I kiss a sick pig? NO, but I wouldn’t kiss a healthy one either. If you’re a pig fan, I’m not putting your pig down. Matter-a-fact in Chinese astrology I’m a Pig. For all of those laughing right now, remember we pigs are considered the most honorable of signs and are always helping others.

Establishing healthy habits as daily practice is the best way to strengthen the immune system. Every day I take probiotics, enzymes, antioxidants that encourage increased glutathione levels, make superfood power drink, eat a salad, and get exercise and sleep. And I have been doing this for over 26 years even before swine flu.

Take care of the inside body, so you can handle what’s happening in the outside world. Change can falsely seem overwhelming, but don’t stress out. Remember stress compromises. Healthy habits are the best investment you can make, because it is insurance.

Washing your hands is normally a part of everyone’s day, but don’t go crazy with antibacterial soap. Remember too many cleaning solutions and chemicals aren’t good either.

Please give your self some credit that you have at least a little bit of commonsense, and, yes, you can think on your own without government and/or doctors directing your every move. Most of us were potty trained a long time ago.

Remember the media led by the government and other agencies of power spend a lot of money and time trying to stupefy the public. The answer is not beating up on them, but educating us on how to be back in our driver’s seat. This leads to a new book that’s coming out in a couple of weeks that talks in depth about “Mind Programming.” Rest assured, I’ll forward the information on his launch day.

In closing, remember that you are a divine blessed child of God. You are perfect in every way and anything unlike your uniqueness can be gently dissolved away. Any pain that you are experiencing is not the core of you; it’s the glop from others that you believed to be true.

Have a Beautiful Blessed Day,


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