What Are You Creating?

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Dearest Friends:

In a short note a couple of weeks ago I had briefly mentioned a book that was to be launched that speaks in depth about how outside stimuli can influence our thoughts and actions. Finally Eldon Taylor’s book, Mind Programming: From Persuasion and Brainwashing to Self-Help and Practical Metaphysics, is out. I actually have started reading it. What a good read! This message is so important that many of the world’s visionaries, myself included, have joined together to support this book launch.

We all know that the mind creates, and most of us put a lot of energy into positive thinking. But why then are we continuing to live in such troubling times? To view the trailer for Mind Programming, please go to:

Mind Programming is really two books in one. The first half of the book tells the story that uncovers the unseen influences that pervasively penetrate most effectively into our daily lives. The second half of the book goes into the tools and technologies you can use to cleanse your mind of the non-sense (or the glop as I refer to it) that you didn’t even recognize as being an influence prior to reading Eldon Taylor’s book.

Take a moment and think about what I’ve spoken to you in the past. At least 85% of all our thoughts don’t belong to us. Who do they belong to? How many thoughts do we have about personal limitations, fears, anxieties, etc? What would life be like if we knew what our thoughts really are? From sickness and anxiety to the way you comb your hair and dress, these are all a part of what you have been trained to think and choose. You will also learn some very simple easy-to-use tools that can free your mind and empower your being. You know how much I like to keep the tools simple and easy!

Let’s all make the decision to be powerful and purposeful so we can make a difference in our life today. I have joined with many visionaries in offering special bonus incentives when you get your copy today.

May Beautiful Blessings Surround You Always,

Beth Carpenter

Intuitively Guiding You in Health and Happiness!

You know that I’m a big fan of EFT. I have used it for years myself plus taught it to many of you. This story demonstrates yet again the miracles of using EFT. Copied from Gary Craig’s Newsletter at emofree.com:

My 76-year old friend Mary had a left index finger that had been bent over in a “C” position with arthritis for over a year. She couldn’t even straighten it by using her other hand to move it. I had just learned EFT from Gary’s manual, and I did 3 rounds of basic EFT for Mary’s finger. Even though my index finger won’t go straight…

Each round got the finger a little straighter. By the third round she could extend it completely (with no help from the other hand.) She went running into the kitchen to her son exclaiming “Look at my finger, look at my finger!” Mary is now 80 years old. Four years later, her finger is still mobile. The crook in the finger never returned. Using EFT for myself, and others has been a daily occurrence ever since.

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