Stimulus Plan for Me?

What to when we take others’ false beliefs…

Stimulus Plan for Me?

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Is there a Stimulus Plan for Me?

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Dear Friends:

First let me start by saying my email has changed to My earthlink account has been turned off. Even though I’ve sent out 3 emails to this change, some of you did not get the new email. I’ll continue to list this change for the next 6 months to ensure that everyone has had the chance to make the shift to

Stimulus Plan for Me? YES

Over the last few months, my mind has been all over the place on what to write about. There seems to be so many choices. What seems to be consistent is the need to blame someone or something for our lack of happiness, peace, health and/or success. People have felt cheated out of _________ in life.

I think part of the frustration is watching the government hand out large sums of money to big business. Watching the news, we see this big push that the government is going to fix everything. This simply isn’t so, the government definitely has a mess to clean up, AND it is up to us to step forward and say YES.

Yes, to what? Yes, to taking the bull by the horns (meaning us) and saying “I am responsible for a better outcome. Of course, we the people have tremendous odds to overcome, and WAITING for someone else to fix it isn’t the answer. Asking for direction and tools to make the change is necessary. Whatever blocks that does exist, let’s erase them together. Meaning I’m here for you…

What if we inherited someone else’s false beliefs about abundance? And what if we DO deserve abundance in every area of our life. There are ways to create a solid stimulus system for every aspect of our life, which will give us the added protection and safety that we have often prayed for. Conflicting attitudes and beliefs stop us from “Be Life.”

Let me give you an example of a conflicting belief:

Two weeks ago I was having dinner with some friends and they wanted to know what to do about improving his health. When I made a suggestion, the response was NO because that cost too much. He paid the dinner bill, which was over $50. The product that would have solved his issue was $69 a month. They eat out twice a day, 7 days a week. My point here is that most of us say one thing, but our actions dictate opposite with devastating outcomes.

WE must start by being honest with ourselves, so we can really enjoy the wondrous sweetness that we are, but we can’t do it alone until we have learned different habits. Why? Because initially we will not be able to recognize the lies that we have unconsciously been telling to ourselves. Divine Presence made a brilliant, beautiful being that can experience pure joy and abundance. I love helping those that really desire to create the perfect stimulus plan. What does that mean? Better health, better happiness, and, YES, greater prosperity.

I hope you’ll make the decision today to take better care of yourself. Give me a call on how you can change your life. We’ll work over a three-month time frame to lay a new foundation to improve your health, career and finances. Its as simple as dialing 512-707-9886, or email me at

Because this is a huge feat of courage to move towards the beautiful sweet self, I offer two free gifts to you with two teleconferences.

Monday, September 21st at 8:00 p.m. CST

Let’s clear the false “What if’s” of prosperity.

Monday, October 28th at 8:00 p.m. CST

“Be Life”

There is room for 150 callers just dial (218) 339-7777, then enter access code: 6298924#.

Peace, Love and Prosperity,



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