Our Gift to God

Our gift is to thrive…….think on that one

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Our Gift to God

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Monday, December 7th I turn fifty. What a wonderful joyful time it is and its joyful for all of us. Birthday celebrations started unexpectedly while running into a friend and client at Beets restaurant. We shared lunch together along with a fabulous dessert while everyone sang Happy Birthday to me. These little special surprises tell me I can have my cake and eat it too.

My birthday surprises and celebration I look forward to continuing through out the month of December. Even as I write these words I realize its time to upgrade my thoughts and words. Why? Because filling my life with delightful blessings and surprises are for me to have everyday. And just as they are for me, they are for you too!

Article: Our Gift to God

Thanksgiving has passed and we’ve moved into December, so we know that the holidays are upon us through the end of the year. I hope that each of you experienced a warm and loving Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a time for having gratitude in our heart about life and all that is given; we carry that thankfulness on into Christmas and the New Year season. We make promises on how we going to change, but then somehow many replace it with a stress-filled grind again.

What I practice and live by is thriving in joy, abundance, health, peace, gratitude. Do I always succeed? NO, but I do promise that as soon as I recognize where I’ve checked out or faltered, I move immediately into correction. How? Through breathing and surrounding myself with loving-kindness. The loving kindness andpeace then filters out from me to those around me. Believe me I didn’t reach to this vibrational level overnight? NO! After fighting with myself for many years, I realized that what I was doing wasn’t working. Take time to be patientand practice just breathing. Just as an Olympic athlete practices daily to reach that level of excellence, so to does practicing gratitude.

What I know is that Divine Presence we call God gave us the gift of life. And our gift back to God is to thrive. In this state there are wondrous blessings and surprises.

When weare children living in the now seemed to be easy. Then the teenage years totally revoked the now by making every attempt in being older. Then the responsibility of adulthood follows where our thoughts take us to such things as did I wash my black pants.

As we mature in years we find that there’s a lot of growing up that has to be done even after we are suppose to be grownup. It truth many of us are still seeking, but “what we don’t know.”

By saying that we are going to choose joy, abundance, health, peace, and gratitude doesn’t do the trick. It is really necessary to reach that state of thriving through the use of a mentor and/or coach. I currently have 3 coaches andmentors. Why? Because I am committed to me. Through their commitment I have been able to sort out my priorities and direction.

I am choosing to be responsible and because of this commitment, I am living in full awareness. We can no longer live in a state of unconsciousness.

I thrive because I have taken the time to educate myself in areas of health, finances, spirituality, etc. Several times each day I take a moment to be ingratitude. When I’m about to partake in a meal, when depositing checks into the bank, driving through traffic, spending time with my beloved husband as well as family, or even seeing a dead animal on the road.

What I’m saying is all the things that we practice during the holidays should also be a part of our life each day of the year.

If you are committed to good health, eating at McDonalds is not an option. Daily intake of healthy foods, nutritional dense super foods, and core cellular supplements along with exercise, and good hygiene are just a part of some of things we must do to thrive in the arena of health. We would never think about not brushing our teeth on a daily basis. Why? Because our teeth would rot and our breath would stink.

The commitment to abundance and financial freedom is about learning how and why to save, plus you’d read and take classes on the many ways to invest your monies more wisely. From the knowledge you acquire, you can and will make wiser choices. Establishing money rules while managing your money is essential. You also learn to live within your means while improving your finances legally.

Our commitment to life’s joyful thriving is a state of joy, peace, gratitude and abundance.

If you are permitting others to abuse you, then you are consciously and/or unconsciously not living in NOW.

My commitment to you is to assist YOU to reach an obtainable direction in each of these areas with the loving guidance of your angels, my clairvoyant and psychicabilities and years of spiritual wisdom.

Do youchoose to say YES? I hope so, because 2010 can be your best year every. And my gift to you is a one-time discount. If you prepay in full $1020.00 (a value of $2100) by December 22nd 2009, you will have 12 hours at $85 an hour. It must be prepaid in full, and the sessions must be used within 3 months.

Call me today at 512-707-9886 or email me at bethhelp@icloud.com.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Peace, Love and Blessings,


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