What Will 2012 Be & Lunar Cycles

What Will 2012 Be & Lunar Cycles

Well 2012 is finally here. We’ve been talking about it for years prompted by the Mayans, so what will it be? Will it be magic or destruction? Actually I think the choice is ours to make. In numerology 2012 is a five year, which offers lots of change. But this is more than just a five year because there is an alignment of the planets within the middle of our galaxy. What can come with it is fear and impatience, but it does not have to rule. So please remember to breath deeply through the changes.

With change comes many adventures, so be sure to embrace the shifts within as well as for others within your circle. Yes, It is a time for living in oneness, cooperation and co-creating honestly and truthfully. This is a state of beauty that is new, but will be ever so refreshing. Finger pointing will stop because we as the people realize that it only creates more chaos. We will create positive change through a collective working together. Irregardless of who did what, we all must take responsibility, join hands and make a difference. Reach your hand out to your neighbor. If they don’t take it, don’t worry because someone else will extend their hand out as they pass too.

Judgments of whether we are male or female, what the color of our skin, our religion, our sexual orientation or the price of our clothing will not matter. We will know that we ALL can prosper because we work together for a common good.

Because of the changes it is important to clean out closets early, don’t wait for Spring. Yes the clutter must be cleared so there is room for the light-filled beauty. Mother Nature will also be cleaning house, so organize a neighborhood cleanup. Contact the Parks and Wildlife department and ask about their volunteer services. You can also gather some friends to head to the nearest park with plastic bags to pick up the trash.

Trash is not just physical trash, but it is also about clearing the trash within our heart too. Send blessings out to everyone and everything, participate in prayer groups or start a prayer group. Be proactive to living full-on.
Lunar Cycles

Lunar Cycles for 2012 is most interesting because we have leap year, three Friday the 13th’s and one Blue moon. January 9th gives us our first Friday the 13th with two more to follow in April and July. Our Blue Moon is in August with full moons on the 2nd and the 31st.

New Moon: Jan. 23rd, Feb. 21st, Mar. 22nd, Apr. 21st, May 20th, June 19th, July 19th, Aug. 17th, Sept. 16th, Oct. 15th, Nov. 13th, Dec. 13th

Full Moon: Jan. 9th, Feb. 7th, Mar. 8th, Apr. 6th, May 6th, June 4th, July 3rd, Aug. 2nd, Aug. 31st, Sept. 30th, Oct. 29th, Nov. 28th, Dec. 28th

Give thanks, See Beauty, and Enjoy the Blessings that are around you everyday! And if you want to know how 2012 will be you, call me today at 512-707-9886.

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Peace, Love, Health and Abundant Blessings,


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