Making Rose Water & Goddess Chai

Making Rose Water & Goddess Chai, using the full moon energy, and Archangels Raphael and Haniel.

Most months during the full moon cycle I make rose water. Rose is the flower and fragrance of Mother Mary. She is the Queen of Heaven and the Angels. The compassion and love of Mary is infused when making rose water during the full moon. Once the rose water is made you can store it in the refrigerator for drinking, add it when making lemonade, or smoothies, puddings, salad dressings, or apply to your face and body as a body splash.

Even though I use it any month of the year, February is considered the month of love. So because of this I am sharing the recipe with you. With the newsletter going out today, you will have time to get your rose petals. The full moon is coming up on the 7th of February, next Tuesday. Throughout the full moon cycle the energy is perfect for making rose water.

The water and petals are only set out in the darkness of night during a full moon for the most powerful magic of love and compassion. If you are just learning this, the full moon energy runs for the 3 days prior to and following the actual full moon date. So for February it begins on the 4th, is direct on the 7th and then begins waning but continues to hold the full moon energy through the 10th of February.

Making of rose water is simple. All you need is rose petals and water. You can use fresh or dried petals. Please use ORGANIC rose petals which can be ordered through Mountain Rose Herbs in less, of course, you have a local grower of organic roses. They almost always have dried organic rose petals in stock. (Making it easy for you, just click onto the hyperlink. If that doesn’t work, then go to: You will see the banner ad for Mountain Rose Herbs, click on it to order the rose petals.)

Make sure that you have a BPA-free 1-gallon container. Add 1/4 cup of dried petals (1-cup of fresh rose petals) to the bottle and fill with a clean purified water. Then place the bottle in the moonlight. Leave the bottle out only during the moonlight hours. Bring it in before sunrise. You can repeat it for up to 3-days.

Love and romance is not just for couples. Every single person on this planet will find benefit in learning to love and romance oneself. Through open hearts everything becomes easier and more joyful. So if you are a couple or flying solo, draw a warm bath scented with rose petals, make a cup of Goddess Chai (a new creation by Twila of the Herb Bar), put on divinely beautiful music, breath into your heart allowing for the love and perfection that you are to blossom.

Sink into each moment lovingly and gently – being kind to yourself. Just allow yourself to soak in all the beauty of who you are on the inside and out. And if you are a couple, be sure to lovingly witness the beauty in your partner. Just be, Just enjoy, Just relax!

If you wish to call upon the angels, then Archangel Raphael and Archangel Hananiel, aka Haniel are a fine choice. We know Raphael as the angel of love and healing, but please note that Haniel assists with Divine Illumination and Divine Love.

Hananiel very name means “She who Radiates the Graceful Glory of Goodness.”

So bless yourself this full moon, this Valentine’s Day, and this leap year of February 2012. And may you carry the love and grace into each month thereafter…

Peace, Love, Health and Abundant Blessings,


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