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2014 Lunar Cycles & Peter Manns is Returning

2014 Lunar Cycles & Peter Manns is Returning. DAS healings & Constellation work. Peter Manns is returning to Austin March 7th – 10th. For those of you that didn’t have a chance to experience his Divine Alignment & Straightening workshop and group healing, you can participate this time. I have 3 links listed here that shares the my experience, what divine alignment & straightening is and what Peter shares about it. Yes Martin and I have experienced DAS personally both with amazing results! And because I organized the December group of 82 people, I witnessed most of

Age of Aquarius & the Photon Belt

Age of Aquarius & the Photon Belt, includes the 2013 Lunar Cycles: New & Full Moons 2013 and Beyond Yes, it’s New Year’s Eve 2012……And we are beginning more than a new year; we are entering into a Golden Era. So instead of deciding on a New Year Resolution that you’re probably not going to commit to, pick something you’d like to learn. For instance: scuba diving, rock climbing, bird watching, join a quilting group, learn a second language, start a meet up… When you begin to learn something new, often that bad habit that you wanted dissolved will leave

What Will 2012 Be & Lunar Cycles

What Will 2012 Be & Lunar Cycles Well 2012 is finally here. We’ve been talking about it for years prompted by the Mayans, so what will it be? Will it be magic or destruction? Actually I think the choice is ours to make. In numerology 2012 is a five year, which offers lots of change. But this is more than just a five year because there is an alignment of the planets within the middle of our galaxy. What can come with it is fear and impatience, but it does not have to rule. So please remember to breath deeply

Lunar Cycles & Life Cycles

Lunar Cycles: Having the knowledge of when the new moon and full moon is each month is helpful in all matter of things, from health to prayers to making essential oils blends or even preparing a detoxing bath. The time between the new moon and the full moon is known as the waxing moon, and the time that passes between the full moon to the new moon is known as the waning moon. In the coming months I spend time sharing more about the moon cycles with you. In the meantime here is 2010 lunar cycles: New Full 1-15 1-30