Nutrition for the Eyes!

Nutrition for the Eyes! lists the different herbs & supplements that support healthy eyes
plus Entity Bliss CD

The eyes are the windows to our souls, and they are the road map to what’s happening on the inside, both physically and emotionally. Most of my life I’ve focused on improving my eyesight starting with the first signs of decline in the fourth grade.

At that time, vision improvement consisted of my parents taking me in to change lenses every six months. I went from glasses to contacts to lasix over a 38-year period. Fortunately, I learned more on improving the eyes than just changing the prescription because the eyes had gotten worse. Even though I had lasix 13 years ago, my continued action of being health conscious and the overall improvement of my eyes, this has kept me from buying reading glasses.

As I’m writing this article, I realize that I can only briefly touch on each of the things I’ll mention. What I will do is use this article as a starting point for future articles. I’ll take just one aspect and dive deeper. You see (no pun) I like to connect the dots for people, so they understand the interconnectedness that exists in all things.

Stress, I know is an article in and of itself, but stress affects every aspect of life. Stress creates tension and muscle strain especially in the jaw, neck and shoulders. With the added strain a person can develop TMJ, misalign the atlas, shift the cranial bones, etc.,etc. As tension continues, circulation is reduced which also decreases nutrition to the head, brain and the eyes.

With the reduction of nutritional circulation to the body, the depletion of our soils and the world of fast foods nutritional content are sorely lacking. This weakens the function of internal organs. And the health of kidney is essential to the health of the eyes. So if you wish to strengthen the eyes, you must take care of your kidneys. Water, Water, Water! Please keep the kidney’s clean and happy. There are so many nutritional/herbal supplements that can be taken internally, as well as externally eyewashes. I will list just a handful of the internal supplements for today. I have used all of them at one time or another. Of course, you can pick and choose which ones you may wish to experiment with too


Bilberry, Lutein, Eyebright formula/Eyebright, Chrysanthemum/Goji Tea, Lycium, Rehmannia (Chinese herbal blend), Blue-green algae/Super Greens, Purple Corn Powder, MSM with C. Are there more? Yes, and this is what we will cover in this newsletter.
Bilberries were made into a jam and given to pilots before their missions in England because of its known properties for decreasing night blindness. It is also used in reducing bruising, varicose veins, poor circulation including circulatory complications due to diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and periodontaldisease.

Lutein is an important natural antioxidant that helps your eyes stay healthy while maintaining the health of your skin. It is often found in dark leafy vegetables. It’s often added to eye formulas taken internally.

Eyebright affects digestion, circulatory and eyes. It purifies the blood thus enhancing liver function. It can be made into eyewash and/or taken internally. And as the name suggests it will brighten the eyes.

Chrysanthemum flowers are used in Chinese remedies. It makes a delightful mild tasting tea that immediately begins sharpening the vision especially when combined with goji berries. It’s also known to rid the body of fevers and curing headaches. In China Chrysanthemum is added to chicken soup, creating a healing soup.

Goji berries are high in antioxidants and contain 18 amino acids and 21 trace minerals. I’ll add 5 or 6 goji berries and a 5-6 chrysanthemums and steep for ten minutes. It’s a light, gentle tasting tea.

Blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) are the largest and most important groups of bacteria on the planet, and it can manufacture it’s own food. It is known as the architect of the earth’s atmosphere. The nutritional value for the body is parextraordinaire. These greens add minerals, B vitamins, salts, amino acids,antioxidants, omega 3’s, chlorophyll, protein and has been shown to have strong anti-cancer properties plus is an anti-inflammatory.

Purple Corn Powder is not well known, but is used in Peru for many different maladies because it has many antioxidants and acts as anti-carcinogenic, anti-mutagenic(stops the mutating of cells), antimicrobial (inhibits growth of bacteria),antiviral, and has been found to reduce cholesterol, promote connective tissue regeneration (anti-aging), stimulate collagen formation, improve circulation, protect against macular degeneration (improve vision), boost immune function and reduce inflammation.

MSM (methylsulphonylmethane), sulphur, is extremely valuable in the maintenance of healthy bones. It is mostly known for its benefits in reducing pain and healing connective tissues in the skeletal,muscular and nervous systems. Many eye conditions have been helped by using MSM internally to soothe and soften the membranes and in eye-drops. MSM is required for the structure and function of 150 compounds within the body, including tissues,enzymes, hormones, antibodies and antioxidants. To best utilize MSM take it with vitamin C. I have used all of these known remedies.

Mostly today I use the bilberry, the blue-green algae, MSM with C, and Chrysanthemum and Goji berry tea. If you wish to test any of these for yourself, explore away, but if you’re unsure, call and schedule an appointment.

Please remember to appreciate your eyes and have gratitude for how clearly you see today. With gratitude you see more clearly tomorrow and for all your days. Because the subject of Vision is quite expansive, the next few newsletters will go over Vitamin A, foods that are rich in vitamin A, external applications (eyewashes), massage and pressure points around the eyes, along with eye exercises and pressure points on the hands and feet to increase circulation to the eyes. I always encourage you to do your own research to learn more too.

Peace, Love, Health and Abundant Blessings,


Beth Carpenter, ND

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