Age of Aquarius & the Photon Belt

Age of Aquarius & the Photon Belt, includes the 2013 Lunar Cycles: New & Full Moons

2013 and Beyond

Yes, it’s New Year’s Eve 2012……And we are beginning more than a new year; we are entering into a Golden Era. So instead of deciding on a New Year Resolution that you’re probably not going to commit to, pick something you’d like to learn. For instance: scuba diving, rock climbing, bird watching, join a quilting group, learn a second language, start a meet up…

When you begin to learn something new, often that bad habit that you wanted dissolved will leave without argument – life naturally becoming more beautiful thus transformation is achieved.

The year 2013 marks the beginning of the Aquarian age, which will be here for approximately 2,000 years. Planet Earth has also moved into the photon belt, and that occurs every 26,000 years plus 2013 is a six year.

So what does all this mean? Moving into the Age of Aquarius is about moving into an enlightened way of thinking and being, living from the heart. It’s about renewal, peace and understanding. Propaganda loses strength on the masses. We can choose to live in the new Earth of Peace and Love or a second Earth marked by chaos. If we choose peace, there will ample assistance of people working together to develop better systems.

Earth is ascending! Meaning that her spiritual upgrade is now and happening. The primary objective for we humans is to live from the heart, taking time to meet our neighbors, read more, go dancing, make new friends, reconnect with old friends AND commit to being in gratitude. The more we do this, the easier it will be for angels and the ascended masters to help us more directly.

To best serve you on understanding the photon belt, I must provide adequate links to scientists and such that have studied it at great length. What I can tell you is that the forces of light will be 5 to 1 of the dark. There will be a mass reduction in wars and warlike activity. We will become predominantly light, and our interaction with light-beings will be daily normal occurrence.

I really like this youtube link; it is 1-hour and 38 minutes long and well worth it.

Here’s a beautiful short video about the signs moving into the new Earth:

2013 is also a six (6) year. Six has both creative energy and nurturing qualities to it while simultaneously being responsible and choosing natural channels. How this six relates to each of us will be different because we must add the number (6) to our month and day to know what our personal year will be. For example I add: 6 + 12 + 7 = 25; next I must add 2 + 5 = 7. Seven is my personal year. In addition, I must look at the energy of the seven and how it is influenced by the Earth’s six. If you’re unsure, call my office to schedule an appointment. Laying out the energy for the year is great help.

We had such a beautiful full moon on the 28th of December. What a beautiful way to end and begin a cycle. Listed below is the lunar cycle for 2013.

Lunar Cycle 2013
New Moon Full Moon
1-11-13 1-26-13

2-10-13 2-25-13

3-11-13 3-27-13

4-10-13 4-25-13

5-9-13 5-25-13

6-8-13 6-23-13

7-8-13 7-22-13

8-6-13 8-20-13

9-5-13 9-19-13

10-4-13 10-18-13

11-3-13 11-17-13

12-2-13 12-17-13

Both the new moon and full moon hold special energies that can assist us if we listen to the rhythm and cycles. The new moon is for planting seeds for the future while the full moon is an energy peak, but we must know how to stay balanced during a full moon to utilize it. Hospitals and police stations are very aware of the intensity of energies that have gone awry.

Peace, Love, Health and Abundant Blessings,


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