2014 Lunar Cycles & Peter Manns is Returning

2014 Lunar Cycles & Peter Manns is Returning.
DAS healings & Constellation work.

Peter Manns is returning to Austin March 7th – 10th. For those of you that didn’t have a chance to experience his Divine Alignment & Straightening workshop and group healing, you can participate this time. I have 3 links listed here that shares the my experience, what divine alignment & straightening is and what Peter shares about it.


Yes Martin and I have experienced DAS personally both with amazing results! And because I organized the December group of 82 people, I witnessed most of the 82 peoples personal healing. What I can tell you is this work is a gift is from the Holy Spirit, and our electrically grid to our 5th dimensional body.

How Does Help? We feel more joyful and connected to Divine Source and the Divine within us. Our structural body will straighten and align, our lineage lines with our parents and ancestors get cleaned up.

Lunar Cycles for 2014

Every year I enjoy keeping up with the lunar cycles because starting certain projects, setting intentions, and picking special dates seem to be more blessed when aligning with the moon.

New Moon Full Moon

Jan. 1st Jan. 15th
Jan. 30th Feb. 14th
March 1st March 16th
March 30th April 15th
April 29th May 14th
May 28th June 13th
June 27th July 12th
July 26th Aug. 10th
Aug. 25th Sept. 8th
Sept. 24th Oct. 8th
Oct. 23rd Nov. 6th
Nov. 22nd Dec. 6th
Dec. 21st

We have a second new moon this January 30th, and with each new moon its a great time to start to projects. Plant flowers, outline a new business idea, plan a vacation, paint the house.

If you are desiring to increase your cash flow, buy a green 7-day candle, put a few drops of olive oil and basil on it. Olive oil is about the having plenty and the basil is for money. What your prayer is said (aloud), light the candle, and allow it to burn until it is completely burned out on its own. You can put the candle in a glass or stainless casserole dish, and put it somewhere you feel most comfortable with when you’re not home. Shower works great for me. Never blow the candle out.

Full moon has extremely high energy. We are easily influenced by the full moon; police departments and hospitals make sure they have extra staff to take care of the craziness that occur.

If we are fully conscious of this, we can use the energy productively maybe even romantically, write poetry, have some friends over dinner. DO NOT make any major life decisions at this time since emotions normally run high. And also postpone any surgeries because we have a tendency to bleed more during a full moon.

Peace, Love and Beautiful Blessings,

Beth Carpenter

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