Natural Ways to Improve Teeth & Gums

Natural Ways to Improve Teeth & Gums.

To All You Beautiful People!

The health of our teeth and mouth is muy importante. Strengthening our teeth and improving the condition of our gums is necessary for keeping our minds clear and our body health. Even the ancient Anasazi Indians suffered and died from dental infections around cavities and gums. As a child I was put on antibiotics ever time I sneezed.

This consist bombardment of medication not only discolored my teeth, but softened them. Yes, over the years I’ve had lots of dental work, and I still have my teeth.
So what can you do to improve the overall health of our teeth and gums? Good dental hygiene it mandatory! The standard things that we know is to floss twice a day for teeth and gum health, brush our tongue to keep bacteria down, and rinse with a natural mouth wash because it gets those hard to reach areas.
So what else can we do?
1. Start oil pulling! This is used in India with sesame seed oil. I prefer coconut oil because of the antiviral and antibacterial properties. All you do is take a teaspoonful of coconut oil and swish it around your mouth for 10-20 minutes before you brush your teeth. After swishing SPIT OUT ALL OIL, DO NOT SWALLOW. Then brush your teeth. This softens and helps to remove plaque, which is a building up of bacteria and this can weaken our immune systems defense mechanism through poor dental care.
2. One of my new favorite products (yes, I carry in my office) is “My Magic Mud.” This is a dental paste that will strengthen and whiten teeth better than any tooth whitening experience. My teeth really do feel as through I just had my teeth cleaned at the dentist office. It was developed by a Mom who was trying to get her kids to brush their teeth. You use it twice a day for 7-days, then once a day for 2-weeks, then just a couple times a week thereafter. When you use it be sure to lean over the sink because it does turn your teeth black while brushing. After brushing, rinse well then brush with a now fluoride toothpaste, rinse and floss. It’s $25 dollars and easily lasts for 90-days.
3. Put 1-2 drops of Thieves Oil on your toothbrush and brush along the gum line for a minute or two after regular brushing and flossing. I get mine through a friend who is a distributor through Young Living. This will seriously make your lips tingle and your lips can look like you just had a botox injection, which I guess is good if you have thin lips. Thieves oil is great on pulling redness out of the gums too.
Is there anything else you can do?  YES! Stop using toothpaste with fluoride, and take supplements for bone health. There are many companies that are making toothpaste without fluoride, like: Ecodent, Redmond’s Earth Paste, Tom’s of Maine, Vicco, Aquafresh, Weleda’s, Kiss My Face, Dr. Ken’s, Auremere Ayurvedic, and Jason. Please read ingredient list and you decide which toothpaste you’d prefer to use. There is lots of money backing fluoride as a safe and effective way for healthy teeth, but please educate yourself because there is much more of sound science showing the harmful effects of fluoride.
Don’t be fooled…Choose to make a conscience, healthy choice. Supplements for good Bone Health are vast, so start with a good multimineral along with vitamin D and boron. Velvet Antler is also good for bone health. Smile Big and Bright!
Peace, Love and Beautiful Blessings,  Beth Carpenter
Take the Natural Path!

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