Healing from Depression

In Honor of my Father and Robin Williams

Healing from Depression – Special Chakra Cleansing.

Hola! Blessed Beings:

So many people suffer from depression. Mostly a mild form of depression, and those like Robin Williams a severe depression. Robin Williams seemed to smile more than frown publically. He had the ability to make me laugh so hard, I’d be in tears. He was such a public figure that we naturally relaxed when watching anything by Robin Williams because we knew that we were seeing a real person that gave wholeheartedly and also would delightfully surprise us somehow during his performance.

My father though not officially diagnosed with BiPolar was more than likely was suffering from the imbalance. He suffered from huge mood swings. He too was a very social being and was happiest when surrounded with lots of friends and family. My father’s birthday was August 15th.

I have written a lot about anxiety and depression throughout the years because what’s going on at that deep inner level affects are physical body too. Here is a link to a talk I gave at the Herb Bar here in Austin, TX on Depression:

Healthy Choices for Lessening Depression

In this lecture I share lots of valuable information. One of the products I mention is EMPP (Empower Plus), it balances the serotonin of the brain. I do carry EMPP and from August 15th through September 30th, it will be discounted to $68 a bottle.

Another important factor in mental & physical health is to keep your auric field and chakras clean. Disease shows up in the energy field before it shows up in the physical body. Bipolar can also result from years of abuse with drugs and alcohol which was the case with both Robin Williams and my father. It doesn’t matter whether the drugs are street drugs or prescribed to you by a doctor.

Sometimes mental illness is a karmic situation and other times, we are creating karma through lifestyle choices. There truly is a energy prescription that can eliminate and/or massively minimize mental illness through clearing the etheric body and levels of the auric field. Of course, this statement is not approved by the FDA or AMA (Disclaimer). There’s far more to us than just a physical, emotional and mental body. Remember once it was believed the Earth was flat.

Robin Williams was one-of-a-kind and he is missed. Thank you for all that you gave to our planet. Robin was 63, way too young to die. My father was 64, way too young to die. May you each rest in peace. We are blessed by having you in it, even if it was for a short while.

In honor of these two men I am discounting the EMPP and offering chakra healings for no additional charge with every one-hour appointment between August 15th (Dad’s birthday) and September 30th.

CHAKRA HEALING F R E E: FROM AUGUST 15TH THROUGH SEPTEMBER 30th ONLY I am offering a chakra healing at no additional charge when you schedule your 1-hour consultation. Yes, both the consultation and  chakra healing must both at the same day as your one hour consultation. Both the session and chakra healing must be used by you, not divided with another person.

For all of you out-of-towners, NO WORRIES because I can run the chakra healing remotely for you.

Here’s what one client said about her remote when she was traveling in Germany: Felt warmth on lower back first, then up spine, then on front of abdomen. I did fall asleep at some point. Still feel Muscles in abdomen contracting and back warm. Will be ready for next chakra healing this Wednesday.
Judy P. – Houston, TX

This offer will end September 30th. An affordable way to improve your BODY, MIND and, of course, SPIRIT!

May We Have Health, Happiness & Abundant Blessings!

Beth Carpenter, ND

P.S. Denver Metaphysical Show is September 5-7th…Booth 83…I’ll send out more on it next week.

Beth Carpenter, ND

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