Prostate Health & Protection Thine Testimonial

Do you dribble when you pee?

Hola! All you Beautiful People:

Twenty years ago I began making my own body care products. As I shared before, Protection Thine is a spritzer I make that clears negative and heavy energy around us and our environment. I love it because Calms, Protects, Clears and Disinfects.

This is a recent personal testimonial: I was at a Holistic event. After I had completed setup of my booth space, I will walk around to see who I know that has a booth too, so we can share a hug before the show begins.   I was passing a booth that had cookware and was going to be giving cooking demonstrations. The woman had something in a bowl that I couldn’t realize, so I asked her what it was. She replied that it was ground meat. For many years now, I’ve been vegetarian, so my mind didn’t even think it was meat. Anyhow, I just said okay and walked on.   Once the show got started, I was working non-stop for about 3 hours, then I had a brief lull in business. About that time, the woman from the cooking booth walked by and began vomiting words of anger at me for judging her for cooking meat.

I shared that I had no judgment, but she believed otherwise. I wished her well and she walked on.   The interesting thing is for 45 minutes everyone that walked by my booth, didn’t even turn to look. My thoughts were what the heck happened, then I remembered the verbal vomit at me and my booth. So I grabbed my spray bottle of Protection Thine and spritzed myself, my booth area and the aisle next to booth where she had walked down.

Before I even finished spritzing the aisle, someone asked for a reading!

Yes, there is a heaviness that can surround a person and/or fill a space that then influences us. We can do nothing and allow the energy to begin to pull us down, or we can take quick affirmative action that helps all of us to feel and do better. Most people don’t know what to do, but everyone can grab a spritzer and give a few sprays.

Protection Thine spritzer really works and works immediately. Yay! It’s $14 for a 4-ounce bottle. Be sure to get your bottle today!

Here’s the Ingredient List: Lavender, Bay, Lemon Tea Tree, Frankincense Oils, and Witch Hazel, Dead Sea Salt, grain Alcohol grain alcohol plus algorithm activation with Trinfinity 8.

TEN DAYS LEFT for BONUS SESSIONS! Through the month of September I have offered a chakra clearing at NO CHARGE with every hour session. You pay for the 1-hour session and you receive the chakra clearing for F R E E. The chakra clearing must be following the consult or within 24 hours of consult.

MEN’S PROSTRATE HEALTH…  This brief article on men’s prostrate health followed a conversation with some friends a few weeks ago. As men get older their flow (urinary flow) slows down. This is also a sign that there could be a prostate problem too. As with any health challenge or disease, if you ignore the warning signs, a much bigger problem will reveal itself. And we take responsible action to cleanse, strengthen and rejuvenate, we live longer and feel more youthfulness while in our sacred earthsuit. A very good solution that is easy to follow is by drinking Ezee Flow tea through Bells. If you are frustrated with having to urinate frequently and when you do go you experience burning and/or dribbling, then Ezee Flow will be helpful.

Bell Ezee Flow was developed by Bell Lifestyle Products founder Nick Jerch initial for his own personal use, then to share it with every man that may be suffering too. It’s $22.95 a box. They make a version for women call, Bladder Control Tea. It too is $22.95 a box. I have used the women’s tea for years and it works like a champ. When I order again, I will order a box of the Ezee Flow for my husband.

In the next newsletter I am going to spend a bit more time on men’s prostate health. Start with the tea and more will be shared very soon…

At our core we are ageless… Peace, Love, Health and Abundant Blessings,


Beth Carpenter, ND

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