Ray 3 – Ray of Love – The Anchor for All Other Rays

The Anchor for all Other Rays

We have covered briefly the 1st and 2nd Rays: Will and Wisdom. Now we learn from the Cosmic LOVE (Pink) ray because Will and Wisdom, without Love…our life and world will be crazy. Oops did I say something that is already happening? Okay, let’s move forward through LOVE!

With Cosmic love we have an increased level of calmness. We learn tolerance, harmony and gratitude within. What we learn inwardly, we will express outwardly without our community. Love is the supreme source of LIFE. Love completes a trinity that resides each of our hearts.
Pink Flame
Lord Maitreya
Archangels Michael and Chamuel
Chohan Paul the Venetian
Elohim Orion

Ray 3 prayer from Bridge to Freedom book, 21 Essential lessons:

“Oh Light Supreme, we acknowledge thee in all life and give gratitude to the glorious Cosmos and Ascended Beings, as we invoke them and the great angelic host to amplify the energy which we release, and may that light expand, expand and expand, as it travels thoughout the universe, ever widening our borders of thy kingdom, in fulfillment of thy will I AM!”

The ever-widening borders are the expansion of our illumination and expression of the beauty of who are at our very core of our higher self.

I’d much rather we a part of the DIVINE PLAN that the “I” plan because SOURCE’s vision is far more beautiful than the I can ever conceive.

Divine plan is encoded within the 3-fold flame (Holy Spirit) and the first three rays complete the 3-fold flame. Interesting my “Sacred Trinity” was inspired by the Holy Spirit, and assists to amp up our Will (Power), Wisdom and Love.

The Third Ray primary desire is help everyone, whether man, woman or child, to fulfill each one’s divine plan. Breath it in and saturate every cell of our bodies with it because the Pink ray will still the harshest of hearts. When we add GRATITUDE we double our blessings because gratitude is love in action. Lack of gratitude closes the door.

Lord Maitreya shares that Love changes the cells of the body to an improved level of perfection. With an ever-increasing level of LOVE, then the level of perfection continues to increase too.

Recently I was training with one of my teachers and demonstrated that even the seeming less act of sarcasm weakens the receiver’s and sender’s chakras and auric fields. The origins of the word itself means tearing of flesh. This is a form of stealing. (We will talk more about this in coming newsletters.)

Archangel Michael shares that Love is always positive and is the help for evolution that is in distress. Love calls forth Great Ascended Beings of Light. I think we can all use of bit more help right now. Yes!

Archangel Chamuel teaches us adoration and devotion through prayer. Chamuel helps to develop our outer consciousness through encouragement. True gratitude is expressed and seen as a pink light emanating out.

Where does Chamuel speak in the Bible, “Thou shalt love the LORD, thy God with all they heart, with all they soul, with all they spirit.” Love is practical and is a FREEING TOOL that we have right within the palm of our hand.

Paul the Venetian teaches us that Love gives us Liberty. Interesting the US was gifted with Lady Liberty. I think its time to understand and honor this teaching. Liberty is to free all and it does not concern Paul the color of the skin or religious state – Liberty is for ALL.

Elohim Orion is more than some stars in the sky. Orion holds a concentrated flame of Love for us, and stays close as we forgive because through forgiveness our LOVE grows deeper.

Wow! This may be a lot to digest, so before Christmas I’ll send another newsletter, and share how each of these first three rays can and do help with manifesting our greater good.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you…

May You Be Blessed Each and Every Day,
Beth Carpenter, ND

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