Holiday Tips & Gifts

Holiday Tips & Gifts, traveling tips during the holidays and stocking stuffer supplements Holiday Tips & Gifts What I wish for each of you this holiday is a joy-filled time with friends and family that warms your heart. Find time to sing songs, play games and take walks together. Everyone pitch in with cooking and cleaning up. And even as the holiday comes to a close I wish the very same for you each day of the year. May the memories of this season bring a smile to your face that can easily be carried into the daily do’s that

Iodine for Thyroid Health

Iodine is a trace mineral necessary for physical & mental development For many years iodine deficiencies has been identified in 129 countries as being an contributing factor in public health problems, so you could say this is an global issue. I think the only country where is doesn’t seem to an issue is in Japan where they have the largest consummation of fish and seaweed. So what is iodine? Iodine is considered an trace mineral as well as a nonmetallic chemical that is necessary for physical and mental development. It is needed for healthy function of the thyroid glands. Without

Mercury Removal, healthy dentistry choices…

Mercury Removal, healthy dentistry choices… Medical Error Statistics My parents always did their best to make sure I had regular dental appointments. And it seemed every time we went to the dentist there were always 2 teeth that had to have fillings. Many people I’ve spoken too say the same thing happened to them too. I guess it was a part of the “keep them in business plan.” Anyhoo, mercury fillings were the standard, so as an adult my mouth was full of mercury. Throughout the years as a filling needed to be replaced I’d make sure that mercury was

Breakdown of the Body

Having a Tooth Pulled! Breakdown of the Body Spring Holistic Living Expo in Salado, TX As a kid my parents should have gone ahead and pushed the issue of me getting braces on my teeth, but I didn’t want to wear them, so they didn’t push it. More than likely money was tight, so when I said no they probably were relieved. One of my lower teeth (#22) was always a non usable tooth that many a dentist cursed. The two teeth on either side of it actually met behind it. I always called it a snaggletooth. Two months before

Paraskevidekatriaphobia, Nurturess Cheesecakes

Paraskevidekatriaphobia Nurturess Cheesecakes (Friday the 13th) – is 13 lucky or unlucky and those who are afraid of 13 North Austin Holistic Living Expo Today is Friday the 13th and we are just one day away from moving into the full moon energy. Mark your calendar, the actually full moon date is May 17th, but the full moon energy really begins 3 days before and lasts for 3 days following the full moon. For most of my life I have believed that the 13th is a lucky day. My Mom’s birthday was on the 13th, and my husband and I

Prayers for Japan & Radiation Exposure

(ho’oponopono and strengthening protection with glutathione production) Prayers for Japan & Radiation Exposure Prayers for Japan: All eyes are on Japan as they move through this crisis from the earthquake and tsunami. People are emailing me with their overwhelming sadness for the people of Japan, asking what they can do. And I feel I need to respond to the emotional stresses as well as the fear of radiation exposure even here in the United States. Definitely, in the past my heart would feel as if it had been torn out of my chest when I would see and hear horrors

Everything to Minimize Colds and Allergies

Everything you can think to Minimize Colds and Allergies I had planned on writing about prostate health, and I promise to get that out in the next couple of weeks. The reason I switched is because every few months it’s allergy season once again in Austin and the Texas hill country. Three people called concerned this week that they were getting sick with a cold, one thought she should have a chest x-ray. I decided that it was important to go over some of the differences for colds and allergies, and what we can do NATURALLY. Colds and allergies can

Our Bodies are Sacred

Our Bodies are Sacred; it is a Holy Temple on Wheels I found myself motivated to talk about this after the words came out of my mouth during a session with a client. What she wanted to know is if life would become so perfect that there would never be a blimp of any kind again. In other words, no chaos. Recognizing that our bodies are holy temples is essential. And, Yes, our physical body houses the divine, but I didn’t even grasp the full splendor of this until a few days ago. Our holy temple is on wheels too.

When I have a Cold, What to Do?

Last week I had a client email me asking what’s the best thing she could do to rid herself of a cold that had just started? This is a question I all too frequently have people ask. The old adage is “Starve a cold, feed a fever” or is it “Feed a cold, starve a fever?” It’s actually the first one, but it doesn’t matter because either way you can get positive results with both. Since not everyone knows how to do a fast nor do they wish too, I decided it was time to write about in my newsletter