Lunar Cycles & Life Cycles

Lunar Cycles: Having the knowledge of when the new moon and full moon is each month is helpful in all matter of things, from health to prayers to making essential oils blends or even preparing a detoxing bath. The time between the new moon and the full moon is known as the waxing moon, and the time that passes between the full moon to the new moon is known as the waning moon. In the coming months I spend time sharing more about the moon cycles with you. In the meantime here is 2010 lunar cycles: New Full 1-15 1-30

Our Gift to God

Our gift is to thrive…….think on that one In this issue: Turning 50 Our Gift to God Need Your Feet Rubbed? Need Your Feet Rubbed? Then Tony is the right man for the job. I’ve know Tony for many years now, and he is truly the best reflexologist I’ve ever experienced. Tony will be here Dec. 19th. There are only 8 appointments available. His fee is $75. Appointment times are: 11, 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, & 6. Please call me today to reserve your spot today. 512-707-9886 JoinMailing List Monday, December 7th I turn fifty. What a wonderful

Stimulus Plan for Me?

What to when we take others’ false beliefs… Stimulus Plan for Me? In this issue: Email Change Is there a Stimulus Plan for Me? Are You In? Dear Friends: First let me start by saying my email has changed to My earthlink account has been turned off. Even though I’ve sent out 3 emails to this change, some of you did not get the new email. I’ll continue to list this change for the next 6 months to ensure that everyone has had the chance to make the shift to Stimulus Plan for Me? YES Over the last

I’m Married – Heat Alert!

Obesity & Mental Health Problems Linked to Sodas… I’m Married! Heat Alert… Obesity & Mental Health Problems Linked to Sodas Mark Your Calendar Subscribe Now… Dear Friends: My wishes were to get this out before our wedding, but it didn’t happen. It’s amazing have many last minute details have to be addressed within moments of a wedding. Martin and I married on June 13th at 4:00 p.m. We are truly blessed by our loving and supporting friends and family who shared this special moment with us. Our honeymoon was divided into two parts: northern California, specifically the giant redwoods, and

What Are You Creating?

Unconsciously agreeing to being brainwashed and EFT In this issue: What Are You Creating? EFT to Correct a Crooked Finger Calendar of Events Dearest Friends: In a short note a couple of weeks ago I had briefly mentioned a book that was to be launched that speaks in depth about how outside stimuli can influence our thoughts and actions. Finally Eldon Taylor’s book, Mind Programming: From Persuasion and Brainwashing to Self-Help and Practical Metaphysics, is out. I actually have started reading it. What a good read! This message is so important that many of the world’s visionaries, myself included, have

Swine Flu…..

Using fear to control and visual training In this issue: Swine Flu H.I.T. Center for Visual Training (blog entry) Dear Friends: I’m definitely someone that believes staying informed is valuable, but terrorizing people with “swine flu” is insane. We have amazing bodies, and our bodies have suffered incredible challenges, and it keeps going in spite of what we do or don’t do. Would I kiss a sick pig? NO, but I wouldn’t kiss a healthy one either. If you’re a pig fan, I’m not putting your pig down. Matter-a-fact in Chinese astrology I’m a Pig. For all of those laughing

Divine Love Through Me…..

Activating love and gratitude… Divine Love Through Me……… In this issue: DLTMIGTT Wellness Expo Monthly Meditation Night Dear Friends: Are you getting tired of all the news about the state of the economy? I know that I am since we are reminded every moment of every day on what to do to get through the rough times. I don’t want you to just “get through the rough times,” I’d like for you to stop and take a deep breath, and then another breath and another, while learning how to sail through any day while wrapped in a rainbow and a

Life Internal: The Tiniest Angel

Every cell is blessed with an angel, the divine within… Life Internal Dearest Friends: Many of you saw my ad for “everything must go garage sale.” And some of you have sent emails of concern. Thank you for your concern. I’m not moving, Life is really great, and I’m getting married in June. With twice of everything, we decided to sale a lot of stuff. Daily Prayer This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it or use it for good. What I do today is

Supergreens to the Rescue

How supergreens improve the body’s functions… Supergreens to the Rescue Excalibur Dehydrator Sale Wholefood Farmacy Many people today are looking for some way to get extra greens into their daily diet. From the health food shelves to the Internet there are hundreds of choices in supergreens. Each one publicizing it’s the best. Twenty plus years ago I began the green journey with Barley and Wheat grass. I soon learned that I had some allergies to grasses, so I moved towards Spirulina, Chlorella and Chlorophyll. Anytime you take supergreens, please consume extra water otherwise you can experience some constipation as it

Letting Go & Letting God Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant

Doing what we can to live long and prosper… Letting Go and Letting God Glutathione, The Master Antioxidant May I be filled with loving kindness; May I be well; May I be peaceful and at ease; May I be happy. – Buddha Dearest Friends: My last newsletter was towards the end November. Christmas, New Years, and the inauguration of our new president, President Obama have come and gone. I felt the need to wait until after the swearing in of our new president. This really is a time of change. Learning to become more comfortable taking responsibility for how we