Letting Go & Letting God Glutathione, the Master Antioxidant

Doing what we can to live long and prosper… Letting Go and Letting God Glutathione, The Master Antioxidant May I be filled with loving kindness; May I be well; May I be peaceful and at ease; May I be happy. – Buddha Dearest Friends: My last newsletter was towards the end November. Christmas, New Years, and the inauguration of our new president, President Obama have come and gone. I felt the need to wait until after the swearing in of our new president. This really is a time of change. Learning to become more comfortable taking responsibility for how we

Gratitude & Banana Milk

DLTMIGTT??? and a delicious recipe for banana milk… In this issue: Thanksgiving All Year Banana Milk Dearest Friends: Thanksgiving has come and gone while retailers and media push Christmas right through the day. To brush over a day of gratitude is thoughtless. Gratitude should be recognized every single day. When we take time for appreciation and thankfulness, we begin to hear the divine presence within us. It is only through moments of silence a deeper wisdom can come out to play. This beautiful wisdom is always present, but we must learn to be still. Years ago when I was working

Boost Your Adrenals, Cranberry Sauce

Adrenals and thyroid gets hit first…cranberry sauce recipe Boosting Your Adrenals, Handling Holiday Pressure Once Halloween passes the holiday season has officially began. Christmas decorations go up even before Thanksgiving has arrived. And with it, comes the mixed bag of joy and stress. Everyone vows to have not just the best, but a stress-free holiday, and the rush is on. Whether it’s the rush to avoid or to get everything done before December. Either way emotions run high. The mind begins to reel faster and faster. Am I getting the right gift for that special person in my life? Oh

Ghosts, Potatoes, Glutathione

Funny ghost story…yummy recipe twist for mashed potatoes In this issue: Potatoes Plus Recipe GXL – Glutathione Dear Ones: In light of the current economic times a little levity is needed. And thank goodness spirit offered this bit of humor. Let me tell you about the sheep dog ghost. A few weeks back I was attending a class in Ft. Worth specifically directed towards the history and proper use of spirit circles. The night before the event, I was awoken in the night to my dog, Hula barking viciously. The sound informed me that there was an intruder. Hula ran

Changes, You Tube: Brain Balance

Clear thinking and peace with brain balancing… Dearest Friends: Changes, YouTube, Brain Balance https://youtube.com/watch?v=lotJnP3mPww Thanks to Martin Wennerstrom from Video 1 Unit and the willing volunteer, Joan Lawson, I now have a video on YouTube of a brain balance being performed. The video will be available for viewing on my website within 30 days. To view it now, just click on the link or copy and paste it in your browser. My website is going through a facelift with a new web person. So be sure to check in with my website during the next 30 days to see what’s

Living More, Star of Bethlehem

Losing a loved one and how to cope. Living More, Being More, Loving More These past four months have been wonderful and painful. My entire life has been filled with the love and comfort from my grandparents and specifically my grandfather, “Pap.” He was known as Ralph to the world outside, but to me Pap. He was my grandfather, my father and my best friend. As spring approached he was beginning to show more signs of fatigue, and we weren’t sure if he’d make it to his 91st birthday. About half way through May, we know that he’d be with

Celery, Cleanse w/o Cayenne, Depression

Lower HBP with celery…new twist on the master cleanse… Did You Know? Celery In a test where animals were given 4 stalks of celery their blood pressure was reduced by an average of 13 per cent and their cholesterol by 7 per cent. Why? Celery contains active compounds called pthalides, which help relax the muscles around the arteries, allowing those vessels to dilate. That’s about 4 ounces of celery daily. www.whfoods.com. Master Cleanse without the Cayenne Many of us who are involved in healthier lifestyles know and use different internal cleanses on a yearly basis. And one of the more

Eliminating Body Odor & Multi Functional Lime

Simply solution to body odor…eliminate BO, gain confidence Dear Ones: Over the next few months I’ll be increasing the newsletter to weekly because there are so many insights I wish to share with you. A primary focus over the next few months will be with foods that heal. And these are foods that you can get at your local grocery store. Have a Wonderful, Blessed Day, Beth Carpenter 512-707-9886 In this issue: A Simple Secret to Eliminating Body Odor And the Multi Functional Lime SOC FREE gift account Melinda Burris, accountant Quick Links: Archives to Past Articles and Newsletters Join

Chia Seeds, Soups to Strengthen Bones

Regulating insulin levels…healthy bones with calcium rich soups. Dear Friends: New Shipment of Organic, Pesticide-free Chia Seeds have Arrived! Yeah! Due to Oprah’s recent show, chia seeds have become very popular, so there seems to be a bit of a shortage between harvests. I plan on ordering extra, so if you wish for more chia seeds, call or email me with how much so I can place the order for now. You may wish to order enough to last you for 6-12 months. If you are consuming chia seeds daily, you could use somewhere between 12-20 pounds of seeds throughout

Nettles, How to Make Tinctures

Nettles is good for increasing iron in blood and relieving allergies. Nettles are an amazing herb that is rich in history, as well as health benefits. It’s probably one of my favorite herbs. The Roman soldiers liked it too; they actually brought nettles to the awareness of the Brits. The soldiers would slap their bodies with it, thus stinging to bring heat during the cold months of battle and marching. Nettles are considered to be high in iron, more than spinach, and are used in blood building. I always prefer an herbal form of iron more than the rust version