Breakdown of the Body

Having a Tooth Pulled! Breakdown of the Body Spring Holistic Living Expo in Salado, TX As a kid my parents should have gone ahead and pushed the issue of me getting braces on my teeth, but I didn’t want to wear them, so they didn’t push it. More than likely money was tight, so when I said no they probably were relieved. One of my lower teeth (#22) was always a non usable tooth that many a dentist cursed. The two teeth on either side of it actually met behind it. I always called it a snaggletooth. Two months before

Prayers for Japan & Radiation Exposure

(ho’oponopono and strengthening protection with glutathione production) Prayers for Japan & Radiation Exposure Prayers for Japan: All eyes are on Japan as they move through this crisis from the earthquake and tsunami. People are emailing me with their overwhelming sadness for the people of Japan, asking what they can do. And I feel I need to respond to the emotional stresses as well as the fear of radiation exposure even here in the United States. Definitely, in the past my heart would feel as if it had been torn out of my chest when I would see and hear horrors

When I have a Cold, What to Do?

Last week I had a client email me asking what’s the best thing she could do to rid herself of a cold that had just started? This is a question I all too frequently have people ask. The old adage is “Starve a cold, feed a fever” or is it “Feed a cold, starve a fever?” It’s actually the first one, but it doesn’t matter because either way you can get positive results with both. Since not everyone knows how to do a fast nor do they wish too, I decided it was time to write about in my newsletter

I’m Married – Heat Alert!

Obesity & Mental Health Problems Linked to Sodas… I’m Married! Heat Alert… Obesity & Mental Health Problems Linked to Sodas Mark Your Calendar Subscribe Now… Dear Friends: My wishes were to get this out before our wedding, but it didn’t happen. It’s amazing have many last minute details have to be addressed within moments of a wedding. Martin and I married on June 13th at 4:00 p.m. We are truly blessed by our loving and supporting friends and family who shared this special moment with us. Our honeymoon was divided into two parts: northern California, specifically the giant redwoods, and

What Are You Creating?

Unconsciously agreeing to being brainwashed and EFT In this issue: What Are You Creating? EFT to Correct a Crooked Finger Calendar of Events Dearest Friends: In a short note a couple of weeks ago I had briefly mentioned a book that was to be launched that speaks in depth about how outside stimuli can influence our thoughts and actions. Finally Eldon Taylor’s book, Mind Programming: From Persuasion and Brainwashing to Self-Help and Practical Metaphysics, is out. I actually have started reading it. What a good read! This message is so important that many of the world’s visionaries, myself included, have

Swine Flu…..

Using fear to control and visual training In this issue: Swine Flu H.I.T. Center for Visual Training (blog entry) Dear Friends: I’m definitely someone that believes staying informed is valuable, but terrorizing people with “swine flu” is insane. We have amazing bodies, and our bodies have suffered incredible challenges, and it keeps going in spite of what we do or don’t do. Would I kiss a sick pig? NO, but I wouldn’t kiss a healthy one either. If you’re a pig fan, I’m not putting your pig down. Matter-a-fact in Chinese astrology I’m a Pig. For all of those laughing

Gratitude & Banana Milk

DLTMIGTT??? and a delicious recipe for banana milk… In this issue: Thanksgiving All Year Banana Milk Dearest Friends: Thanksgiving has come and gone while retailers and media push Christmas right through the day. To brush over a day of gratitude is thoughtless. Gratitude should be recognized every single day. When we take time for appreciation and thankfulness, we begin to hear the divine presence within us. It is only through moments of silence a deeper wisdom can come out to play. This beautiful wisdom is always present, but we must learn to be still. Years ago when I was working

Boost Your Adrenals, Cranberry Sauce

Adrenals and thyroid gets hit first…cranberry sauce recipe Boosting Your Adrenals, Handling Holiday Pressure Once Halloween passes the holiday season has officially began. Christmas decorations go up even before Thanksgiving has arrived. And with it, comes the mixed bag of joy and stress. Everyone vows to have not just the best, but a stress-free holiday, and the rush is on. Whether it’s the rush to avoid or to get everything done before December. Either way emotions run high. The mind begins to reel faster and faster. Am I getting the right gift for that special person in my life? Oh

Ghosts, Potatoes, Glutathione

Funny ghost story…yummy recipe twist for mashed potatoes In this issue: Potatoes Plus Recipe GXL – Glutathione Dear Ones: In light of the current economic times a little levity is needed. And thank goodness spirit offered this bit of humor. Let me tell you about the sheep dog ghost. A few weeks back I was attending a class in Ft. Worth specifically directed towards the history and proper use of spirit circles. The night before the event, I was awoken in the night to my dog, Hula barking viciously. The sound informed me that there was an intruder. Hula ran

Changes, You Tube: Brain Balance

Clear thinking and peace with brain balancing… Dearest Friends: Changes, YouTube, Brain Balance Thanks to Martin Wennerstrom from Video 1 Unit and the willing volunteer, Joan Lawson, I now have a video on YouTube of a brain balance being performed. The video will be available for viewing on my website within 30 days. To view it now, just click on the link or copy and paste it in your browser. My website is going through a facelift with a new web person. So be sure to check in with my website during the next 30 days to see what’s