A Joyful Heart is Good Medicine

Hola, All you Beautiful, Beings of Light: The holiday season is fully upon us with Thanksgiving just two days away.  Over the next few weeks leading up to Christmas I will be sending different newsletters further supporting a Joyful Heart, and offering some different and beautiful gift ideas. Let’s start by taking a look at Proverbs 17:22 because it speaks to my very soul of what I teach. There are varies versions, and one version states, “A Joyful Heart is Good Medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones;” The Standard Revised Version reads, “A Cheerful Heart is Good

Why ghosts & ET’s must be cleared!

Extraterrestrials Why ghosts & ET’s must be cleared! Hola! All you Beautiful People: Yes, fall is here and Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve is tomorrow. Last week a client shared a story of ET encounter when visiting her niece. The interesting thing about the story is that every family member that was present saw the ET. Usually it is only the child that sees. Following such stories the child is discounted, told to stop making stuff up, there’s nothing to be scared about and get over it. Thank God this family believed and saw it their own eyes too! When

Prostate Health & Protection Thine Testimonial

Prostate Health & Protection Thine Testimonial Do you dribble when you pee? Hola! All you Beautiful People: Twenty years ago I began making my own body care products. As I shared before, Protection Thine is a spritzer I make that clears negative and heavy energy around us and our environment. I love it because Calms, Protects, Clears and Disinfects. This is a recent personal testimonial: I was at a Holistic event. After I had completed setup of my booth space, I will walk around to see who I know that has a booth too, so we can share a hug

Healing from Depression

In Honor of my Father and Robin Williams Healing from Depression – Special Chakra Cleansing. Hola! Blessed Beings: So many people suffer from depression. Mostly a mild form of depression, and those like Robin Williams a severe depression. Robin Williams seemed to smile more than frown publically. He had the ability to make me laugh so hard, I’d be in tears. He was such a public figure that we naturally relaxed when watching anything by Robin Williams because we knew that we were seeing a real person that gave wholeheartedly and also would delightfully surprise us somehow during his performance.

Natural Ways to Improve Teeth & Gums

Dental Hygiene Health Natural Ways to Improve Teeth & Gums. To All You Beautiful People! The health of our teeth and mouth is muy importante. Strengthening our teeth and improving the condition of our gums is necessary for keeping our minds clear and our body health. Even the ancient Anasazi Indians suffered and died from dental infections around cavities and gums. As a child I was put on antibiotics ever time I sneezed. This consist bombardment of medication not only discolored my teeth, but softened them. Yes, over the years I’ve had lots of dental work, and I still have my

Can We Break Guiness World Record? Dalai Lama’s Birthday!

Dalai Lama’s Birthday Celebration & July Special Can We Break Guinness World Record? Hola! Blessed Beings: This Saturday is a very special event. First we are celebrating the Dalai Lama’s birthday, and, second, we are setting out to break a Guiness Book World Record. The number we require is 250 singing bowl meditation. We only need to meditate and have bowls singing for five to ten minutes, so this will be a fun and short event. I truly hope you will participate. Ten Thousand Villages on South Congress has many beautiful bowls you can purchase (the bowls are all fair

Sleep is Vital to Good Health

Sleep is Vital to Good Health Plus Tony the Reflexologist June 7th – April 2014 SLEEP and Consistent Regular SLEEP is Vital for Good Health Sleep is interesting, and some people say, we can sleep when were dead. I honestly know I’ve said that at least once in my life. The truth is many people struggle to get any rest at all. And if they do sleep, they wake feeling exhausted and/or irritated. Then there are those that will sleep all the time. In both scenario, there is both an emotional component and a chemical or nutritional imbalance going on.

Superfoods I carry, Trinfinity 8 Healing

Superfoods I Carry + Trinfinity 8 This Thursday, January 23rd from 7-9 p.m. will be my monthly group healing evening. This is a gift I love giving to my community. It is by love donation only, so if you wish to give, you can. Please come and enjoy! I will speaking briefly before the healing on our many opportunities for this year. Often I’m asked what products do I carry in my office, so I decided to list them. To get the full description, go to: EMPP Multivitamin that balances serotonin levels: 120 capsules for $67 Ojio Electrolyte w/

2014 Lunar Cycles & Peter Manns is Returning

2014 Lunar Cycles & Peter Manns is Returning. DAS healings & Constellation work. Peter Manns is returning to Austin March 7th – 10th. For those of you that didn’t have a chance to experience his Divine Alignment & Straightening workshop and group healing, you can participate this time. I have 3 links listed here that shares the my experience, what divine alignment & straightening is and what Peter shares about it. Yes Martin and I have experienced DAS personally both with amazing results! And because I organized the December group of 82 people, I witnessed most of

2014, What Does it Bring?

An exciting time to be Alive forevermore. What does it Bring? 2014 – Life is Changing for the Better! This next year is going to be an amazing year filled with enormous consciousness shifts. Each of us will be more at PEACE within ourselves as we reflect on an inner awareness of a higher consciousness and power (not the government) that lives within AND all around us. There will be an influx of GRACE filling our minds and hearts and hands. We will walk as ONE! Old and out of date beliefs will be shattered. Yea! No more hamster wheel!